It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak Hundreds

How fire SUV? To stroll around the streets you will know! Wave after wave of buying spree, the top car companies also sit, in front of Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati, Porsche, Alfa Romeo now introduced its first SUV, the name Stelvio. 10 tens of thousands of Jeep Compass comes what

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

The name is taken from a most people of a winding mountain road in Northern Italy. This path has 75 hairpin.

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

Small guess the name indicative of Stelvio with power and excellent handling, while quite unruly disposition difficult for ordinary people to harness it?


Stelvio continue families on the appearance of a design language, the iconic triangular mesh grille, and pulled cool sprouting Dah!

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

See the front

I really didn’t mean to think of this:

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...
It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

And this

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...
It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

HA HA HA! A hair ever!

Anyway back to the Stelvio, slender eyes lights, aggressive look.

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

Side look smooth and round, like a stocky little man.

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

Blackened petal-shaped wheel still carry on the family tradition, clean lines and sharp edges.

It is said that this car is the SUV world color values of the peak! Hundreds of km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and not a video! ...

And sexy little butt, bilateral four rows: bad news at a glance.


The title of most beautiful SUV is not white, Stelvio, looks stunning level of interiors favourably. Full-carbon fiber Interior, Hale and hearty and lively style and double line of small details to highlight its location.


The car’s power is not who, according to Los Angeles-British coal reported, Stelvio is the standard four-wide drive, ordinary 2.0T engine, also carry pure aluminium 2.9T Twin-Turbo V6 engine, 8-speed automatic transmission. And like their Giulia Powertrain, front, Stelvio is SUV version of the Giulia.

Hundreds of km/h acceleration time of just 3.9 seconds, top speed can reach 285km/h. Not long ago, Alfa Romeo presented a copy of the data, display Stelvio with 7 minutes 59 seconds of the lap to finish the New York tracks to the North, became the New York Northern fastest SUV.

“How do you enlarge and make us play? ”

–Porsche Macan

Order although a bit late, but the Stelvio murderously playing on such a high profile, it seems bound to Alpha main push one model. Stelvio is expected in 2017 summer in China, similar competitor for the Porsche Macan, Jaguar F-Pace, normal version is expected to cost 45.55 million Yuan. Is a threshold slightly high forced the SUV.

Talking about so much, I’ll ask a question, see this sultry when steering wheel.

Who like me want to put my hand on the red button?

No lies!

This design reminds you of minute driving desire, very good interpretation of the classic lines of the fast and the furious:


Drag racing or death.

Do not drag racing will die


Owner killed by Tesla why am I still can t see the front of the car

Today, the CCTV column published online for the rule of law, China’s first automatic driving Tesla death cases. CCTV reported: a 23 year old male with China, driving a Tesla electric car when driving along the Beijing-Macao high-speed Handan road, after the vehicle avoid obstacles, carefree nature of the man hitting the Road sweeping car crash leads to death.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

But after seeing the video, told CCTV that I think it’s not quite the same, Sweeper is so big, how Tesla I can’t see it? That will it blind?

Question 1: how Tesla saw the vehicle in front?

Tesla’s Autopolit system, made up of the following parts:

Israel Mobileye company driver assistance systems based on camera;

Germany Bosch distance in mm-wave radar;

Around 8 Ultrasonic sensors around the car.

According to Tesla’s own account, in Autopolit of versions prior to 7.0, and Tesla to image recognition, radar and ultrasonic as a supplement. In other words, in Autopolit, the camera plays a major role, radar and Ultrasonic sensors play a supporting role.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

Mobileye image detection, recognition in front of vehicle, mainly depends on the vehicle tail lights, size and vehicle model to determine road conditions. Online to find a picture of Mobileye announced test, Tesla Autopilot way, that’s it.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

Based on image recognition technology, extremely vulnerable to the effects of various light, especially when in and out of the tunnel. Tesla owners did test a shadows will cause brakes Autopilot. Believe is partly for this reason, Tesla will push Autopilot 8.0, to radar detection.

Question 2: the sweeper where are the lights?

Departing from Handan municipal traffic police accident responsibility point of view, the primary responsibility for this Tesla owners, sweep the secondary responsibility for truck drivers. From the perspective of existing laws, the accident found no problems.

But what I am saying is that, it is the secondary responsibility, makes this Tesla blind.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

I specifically asked for a high-speed highways staff was informed that the highway clean up operations when vehicles to open the double Flash, opening width lamp, turn on the warning light, rear suspension visible warning signs.

Cut a CCTV video of map, you helped me find this sweeping vehicle opened warning light?

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

In addition to warning arrow lights, and rear van door on the “road clearing” outside the four words, double Flash where? Where is the tail light? Flying where are the warning signs?

Also, inclement weather, low speed Road sweeping vehicles on the highway operations need peer security vehicles. Watch video, sections of the haze is serious, do not know the definition of police, this visibility is not weather.

No tail lights pair of flashing lights, people can see this car, but the Autopilot core image recognition can be blind. So we can see in the video, had his hands from the steering wheel, the owners do not know is looking at mobile phones or had fallen asleep, he wasn’t aware of the dangers ahead, and the Tesla didn’t do any evasive action, just hit up, but also the most deadly 25% offset collision.

Why the primary responsibility is the 23 year old driver?

According to the Chinese law, vehicles must be carried out by qualified drivers in accordance with the provisions of driving. According to the motor vehicle driver’s license application and use regulations, use mobile phones while driving will be 2 points, similarly, the driver’s hands from the steering wheel does not control vehicle will undoubtedly interfere with safe driving is a far more serious violations. Therefore, confirmation of responsibility for traffic is no problem.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

But we, in turn, think about if this sweeping vehicle able to operate in full compliance with regulations work, opened the double Flash, put up warning signs. Just let the Autopilot to see these image elements, this accident probably won’t happen at all, the 23-year old young life will not go away. Fire CX 4 space noise People who really buy what

Also, I have a little question, when CCTV coverage of the accident, and why stare at Tesla’s wheel, but did not mention the sweeper is in violation of the road?

Question 3: Tesla, what’s the problem?

At first I think Tesla is not a problem, so many cars were killed every day, why not look at the VW Audi? CCTV said, like the steering wheel was not dead.

But when I turned over the email PR version from litesila, I have a very deep feeling: publicity when buying a car wheel, repeatedly stressed is when driving in an accident, who said that Tesla has grounded air in China? The Taiji had a slip.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

I don’t know Tesla for Mobileye driving based on image recognition technology is more confident. Mobileye said the system was just driving when Tesla launched the concept of the Autopilot, and Chinese name is “automatic”. Then, with automatic driving accidents occur, Tesla is renaming the Autopilot, called “automatic driving”

Technology of innocence, Tesla left this automated driving course is the brightest future vehicle development.

But Tesla’s time without bragging? With Tesla’s ability, not bragging was a good comrade. Don’t give users their own driving nature, people do not buy your car?

There is nothing flashy car, you drive the Tesla, how their every day when the mouse, lives aren’t worth it?

Accelerated development of artificial intelligence Google in Europe to set up

Google made no secret of his ambitions for the artificial intelligence technology on Thursday when, the company announced its next steps in Europe – set up a new research group focusing on machine learning, located at Switzerland in Zurich. Emmanuel Mogenet, head of the Institute of Europe in Google said in a blog post, his main research interests are artificial intelligence “three fields”-machine learning, machine perception, as well as natural language understanding and treatment. Givenchy iPhone 6 Case

The team advances the study of machine learning infrastructure, technology becomes practical method, and linguists work closely together to promote “natural language understanding” of further development. Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

Already Google many products for machine intelligence support, including translation, image search, as well as intelligent reply, and your Inbox. And Zurich, as Google in the United States biggest non-Engineering Office, researchers developed a “knowledge map” (Knowledge Graph) and session engine (for example Allo messaging application) support technology.

However, Google’s business in Europe is not entirely successful, such as his are facing antitrust and tax review. Its DeepMind Department (created the well known AlphaGo artificial intelligence software), or in the United Kingdom in London.

Source: cnbeta

IFixit four sons Nexus 4 teardown map tour

Following Anandtech on Google’s “four sons” Nexus 4 has been dismantled, and another grows perceptibly by the dismantling of website iFixit has to carry out the dismantling. Let us take a look at iFixit disassemble (click an image to open a larger image in a new window):

1. Nexus 4 main parameters:

Moschino iPad Mini Case

4.7-inch 1280 x 768 IPS LCD screen; Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC,1.5 GHz CPU;2 GB RAM;800 megapixel camera on the back, 1.3 million pixels front camera support NFCAndroid 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

First before the dismantling of the front and back and detail:

2.iPhone 4S, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 5 Nexus, Galaxy s III, LG Nexus 4, Galaxy Note II, as well as the Nexus Family Photo 4, 7, 10

3. side-by-side comparison with the iPhone 5, check card PIN.

4. starting from Cato.

5. unscrew cover fixed two T5 Torx screws, be careful to open the back cover with the plastic shell tools:

6. rear cover and NFC coils and circuit board.

7. There are two screws above the battery power supply connection. Nexus 4 batteries are firmly standing on the shell, there was a lot of work.

8. battery: 3.8V,2100mAh. Batteries manufactured by LG themselves.

9. disassembling the speakers. We note that the speakers are fixed by two screws, and no extra cables. This also reduced the failure rate.

10. the next step is to remove the plastic housing on the main circuit board. When he removed the shell, the whole Nexus 4 no screws.

Nexus 4 total 4 models 15 screws.

11. plastics are included on the vibrators, Vibrators can be found in our other articles how the vibration was achieved? 》

Cock wire in the above reference to “intelligent identification of cell phone vibration, minimize vibration noise” may cause some silicone and women-only handset peripherals being weeded out of the problem, Nexus 4 indicates no pressure.

12. carefully remove with connections from other locations, you can take down the boards.

13.8 million pixels camera kit on the motherboard. Labelled “AC2AD D4A261”.

14. of course, front-facing camera and 1.3 million pixels. Marked “Y411A”.

15. play: main circuit board, components of large international brands.

Red: Toshiba THGBM5G6A2JBA1R Orange: HDMI output converter, SlimPort ANX7808, can fully provide HDMI, VGA and DVI output or DP. Need to use SlimProt standard extension cable can be achieved. Yellow: six-axis gyro + accelerometer, Invensense MPU-6050 Green: 4G LTE chip, Qualcomm WTR1605L Blue: quad-band GSM/EDGE and dual-band wireless amplifier Avago ACPM-7251 Purple: SS2908001 black: low-noise mini navigation system module in the preceding paragraph, Avago 3012

16. the back of the Board.

Red: Samsung K3PE0E00A, memory and should be high pass S4 APQ8064. Chip coverage, we cannot directly see the Nexus 4 using the CPU.

Orange: Qualcomm MDM9215M 4G GSM/CDMA communications baseband

Yellow: power management module, Qualcomm PM8921

Green: 20793S KMK1G 23

Blue: Avago A5702, A5704 A5505

Purple: WCD9310 NC149400

Black: PM8821 0VV

17. the Panel would be much easier to remove.

18.3.5mm headphone jacks and a light sensor.

19. the front panel: LCD display, glass and borders. S7020A touch-screen controller.

20. the dismantling of family. Moschino iPad Mini Case Moschino mini case

Both complex and specialized HCM manufacturers in China proper

managershare Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case

If you know anything about HR work, surely you will come to a personnel Commissioner to do complex surprise: only “employee management” these four characters, including talent assessment, recruitment, performance appraisal, insurance management, payroll management, etc dozens of items. So complicated it for an HR professional also should not be underestimated.

“Mixed” areas of HCM, Chinese manufacturers for everyone?

Hermes iPhone

First of all, we have to mention the stones from other Hills area of–HCM big brother Workday. As the first completely cloud-based human resources management system, the Workday is a stirring or HCM SaaS circle ring “Catfish” (specific reports can be seen on the Workday, a stirring of SaaS “Catfish”).

Workday HCM achievements in transnational management in the areas of, or even covered by Haier and Lenovo’s overseas business, but its localization in China but has yet to begin. The reasons are more complex, the Workday of its own strategic considerations, communications infrastructure (you know), and the maturity of the Chinese market, and many other factors, not repeat them here.

At home, in fact with the popularity of SaaS in China, technological advances in cloud computing and Enterprise Knowledge gradually, many teams during more or less inspired by the Workday, also built up a rich “Chinese characteristics” of HCM system.

Then we analyze, big brother Workday HCM fields where the success of it?

“Big brother” Workday three successful treasure

· Self-image is clear

Right from the beginning, Workday focuses on areas of HCM. This area itself has a certain complexity and experience requirements, established manufacturers just tasted, and cloud service vendors still did not reach this area.

“HCM+ services” model, Workday not only became the first person to eat crabs, first felt the crab is delicious.

In addition, the company’s target customers are medium and large enterprises, including Flextronics, AAA Corporation (United States capital management), Thomson Reuters (Kimberly-Clark group), Aviva (Aviva) Chiquita (Chiquita) and Time Warner (Warner Music Group), and many votes from SAP and Oracle customers.

· Experience simple and easy


All along, the Workday adhering “to do the most simple to use” principles of HCM services. Technology of high-end, intervention, quick and convenient, however, such a good product, who do not like it? David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri two founders, has many years of experience in human resources management, really understands user experience people.

· Profit model is reasonable

Workday is not so much a company that provide users with HCM product, rather it is a service company. It provides the user with 3-5/cloud enterprise services, using a “rent” the concept of customers according to how much can be paid each month. This multi-tenancy approach lets customers according to their requirement to adjust the purchase and cost savings.

The cloud service one of the big advantages is that marginal cost is low:

From 2008 to 2011, the cloud subscription service revenues grew from $ 13 million to $ 88 million, an increase of 576%;

Subscription service costs grew from $ 6 million to $ 22 million, accumulated 260%;

Subscription revenue growth has now exceeded the cost of growth, with the improvement of service and expanding, profit is not a problem.

In addition, the Workday for some high-end professional custom services to the user. This toll is Workday of a important source of revenue.

China HCM market: each has its own characteristics, proper

HCM market situation of China with Zhou Yi CI under this statement to sum up the most fitting: “rizhongweishi, to the people of the world, gather the goods of the world, traded back, for everyone. ”

There are many Chinese SaaS firm Workday doing integrated talent management cloud computing platform, while their actual conditions to expand the business with different characteristics. North forest also for medium and large enterprises on the road to PaaS; focus on internal human resource management-network system with comprehensive layout DayHR; and pomelo NET spent five years, build online human resources of social security closed-loop.

Below is the finishing of Lei feng’s network of domestic and international HCM company list:

No “SCUT work” the Northern Forest: Customize +PaaS platform

North forest CEO Ji Weiguo the phrase circulated in SaaS: “alternative in the Northern Forest is the SaaS circle in China. “For the Northern Forest, roads and most of the vendors it chooses, mainly in two aspects:

1. target user locking in customers, taking the road of customized

2. SaaS sank to PaaS platform

1th. Most HCM companies in China are “small is beautiful” model, focus fire on small and medium sized customers, regardless of what motivated, referred to manufacturers: many SMEs in the country.

CCID consulting report had this to say, “as of 2013 end of the third quarter, China’s industrial and commercial registration of small and medium enterprises totaled more than 42 million, up 49.4% from 2007, accounting for 99% per cent of the total number of enterprises and SMEs also contributed 58.5% GDP,68.3% foreign trade exports, 52.2% employment tax and 80%. ”

Of course, number of SMEs really a lot, but many on behalf of HCM is sure to rapidly expanding SME level yet? Not exactly. In the current market is not yet mature premise, want to look for long-term cooperation in a group of small and medium enterprises, North forest considered difficult, and simple standardized SaaS does not meet the customer’s needs. Sen focuses on business in the North is relatively stable, and related needs of medium and large customers.


2nd summary is not too accurate. North Sen started on evaluation started. Through evaluation and Research Institute and the Department of personnel management consulting services, North forest, it provides integration between assessments and talent management solutions.

Then, in 2010, North forest iTalent issued China’s first talent management cloud computing platform, realize the transformation from evaluation to talent management.

On October 21 last year, Beijing North-evaluation technology, Ltd officially changed its name to Beijing North-cloud computing company limited, an official from the single area of assessment, to the full range of integrated talent management cloud computing platform. While North forest are no longer satisfied with SaaS, began to look to the bottom extension is committed to building a PaaS platform

According to the CEO of Ji Weiguo said, compared with clear targets in the Workday, the company didn’t know how he was a road, but has found it’s way in a trial and error process. However this may be respects, since as early as 2009, when North forest just to get involved in human resource management software products are developed based on the platform architecture.

From assessment to SaaS, PaaS, Northern Forest “Chi when lofty”, and most content to single HR management or “HR chores” routine HCM services company, Northern Forest is taking an unusual path.

The “housekeeper” network: a wide net, layout

Like North forest has put forward the slogan of “No eHR, Go SaaS! (and perhaps Go PaaS)”, acting only on the net also aim at SaaS.

This and Jian Chen, the founder’s personal experiences are not unrelated. Former UF HR Department General Manager, kingdee Chief human resources consultant, Yong Chen Jian, Chief expert of the group is the first Chinese human resource management software “carry handle”. When you set up a network of, his primary goal is to build a platform and on niche all in the layout.


Licai path of the network, it is possible to “a wide net, the whole layout” to summarize.

From internal view, DayHR platform seems to a “housekeeper”, from organization personnel, to performance assessment, and recruitment, and training, and evaluation, even is pay, and social security and Provident Fund, multiple subdivision field are has cover; and from external view, two big vertical application–HR SaaS and HRO SaaS in 111 a subdivision field are has penetration, involved education, and real estate, and traffic, and property, and outsourcing, and medical, and security, multiple industry. Like this “complete” coverage is not found a second home.

Chen Jian, according to understanding of HR products are products, platform is long-term development goals. But Yu Beisen technological platforms for the development, networks are more likely to “do things”, and is trying to gradually overcome the existing industry and HCM.

“Designed for HR handyman” pomelo NET: most Chinese characteristics of HCM

Although pomelo NET as a “one-stop human resource management” as its goal, but it may be said to be “most Chinese” a HCM companies.

Pomelo net difference in the HCM company is the online social security services. When a pay and complicated miscellaneous social security contributions is not a small burden for HR. And if human resources outsourcing, is first and foremost a question of pricing, on the other hand will bring unnecessary trouble to the company’s talent management.

Relative to the platform, social security online of and the dredges of the national social security system, involving most of the Government agencies, cumbersome, which is a barrier for the HCM companies. And gold pomelo network with five years time build has a based on “SaaS and cloud service” of HCM system, for Enterprise provides social security and Provident Fund account of online established, and online paid, and track query, and line Shang transfer, and advisory, full social security service, and such of system in short time within hard was copy and beyond, and currently has has over 2000 home Enterprise select has gold pomelo network of service. Hermes iPhone


Apart from above mentioned of three home company outside, also has many company in HCM of subdivision field deep, like focused programmer online written of recruitment tool e generation measuring (details can see Lei Feng network (search “Lei Feng network” public, concern) of reported e generation measuring: based on written of RPO service, solution talent recruitment pain); and e Sing Woo find radish such of recruitment management tool, also has also focused social security of 51 social security network and love employees,.

HCM SaaS as a whole, can be considered a highly specialized niche. Because of its high demands on professionalism and experience, coupled with HCM involved is too complex, no relevant experience who dare set foot in, to some extent, forming barriers in the industry. However because of this, few focus on HCM SaaS company in China more excellence, and gradually in the process of exploring, and found the most suitable way. Whether it is standardized or customized, big enterprises or small enterprises, not assisted by social security, believe that Chinese companies are able to find the most suitable HCM services.

Can you believe it This is a made of bamboo and rattan car

Can you believe it? This is a made of bamboo and rattan car

If one day, you have to take one vehicle from the following two:


Alternatively, how do you choose?

Well, love rare or no difficulty for people.

The good news is, at least for now, you don’t have to face the choice, as long as there is enough money, you can buy steel monsters in the first picture – attached to the models? Oh, my dear, as long as there is enough money, what can it not do?

The bad news is that, at least in the eyes of designer Albrecht Birkner, car of the future, not the figure 1, Figure 2. Flawless iPhone 6s plus case

Flawless iPhone 6 plus case


Well, we take a look at this “weed shed” future car what cock:

1, the use of bamboo, technology is close to rattan. Designers say, rattan furniture has been at the service of humanity for hundreds of years, its strength has received verification.

2, of course, bamboo material is mainly used for the shape of the car–you can see that the car’s shape is quite pull the wind, according to the designer’s description, it even stopped by Uncle Wang next door door quietly, it also can make it like with 260 yards of running speed. Flawless iPhone 6 plus case

3, other than the bamboo, this car will still use steel and nylon. However, due to the wide use of natural materials such as bamboo, so the weight of the car is ultra lightweight.

4, Oh yes, the power, the car’s power is it? Well, the designers did not know, he hoped that in the future the development of green technology, can be born a power worthy of such environmentally friendly vehicles.


OK, back to the beginning of the problem, how do you choose?

Architects: Albrecht Birkner,Kenneth Cobonpue


Microsoft launches new photo Pix using AI with photos

Microsoft launches new photo Pix using AI with photos

Recently, Microsoft developed a iOS iPhone camera camera application “Microsoft Pix”. The application is controlled by software, process is a quick and easy, it can quickly capture users to photograph objects, automatically adjust the settings for optimal effect. case iPhone Vans

case iPhone Vans

Use Pix photos, it can automatically shoot 10 photos: before you press the photo button will simply go shoot 7, press the camera button for 3, end of the filmed image algorithm selected the most beautiful photos from these photos. Pix user photographs will also be processed on their own, before and after photos allow the user to choose.

Microsoft applications to artificial intelligence in the Pix, when users characters photo shoot, Pix using facial-recognition technology to identify a subject, and then face a separate exposure, the background is not changed, which makes it more prominent characters on the screen. Looking back at iPhone camera app is the character and background and exposure. Vans phone case

Microsoft launches new photo Pix using AI with photos

Meanwhile, Pix to use noise-reducing technology and backlighting techniques in computer vision, photo noise reduction, contrast and white balance adjustment, even in some lighting conditions and complex environments with poor lighting conditions to take the picture.

Microsoft’s Pix applies not only to shoot still photos, it integrates Hyperlapse technology, to convert all videos to high speed video delay. Unlike the other cameras on the market, is, Pix can also own photo databases synchronize with Apple native camera application can be seamlessly saved pictures and videos in the Apple camera app.

Current research and development of Pix is not over yet, the company is still in the development of new features, including adding support for Android and slow video. Now iOS users can download this app for free in the iTunes store.