Old wearable market became more difficult

  On the Smart City fair in the last few days, wise old-age concern, in addition to the various integration health service solutions, the author is more concerned about a few old wearable device. From the point of communication with exhibitors and product experience, older wearable device regardless of coverage in the market or the product itself, are not satisfactory.

  Wearable in the elderly at present generally optimistic about the potential of the market, many wearable device has been developed for older people to the market. Yet wearable device’s impact was minimal in the older age groups, the author’s understanding of several exhibitors, bath product sales is not ideal, why the old market has so much potential but became more difficult?

  Mainstream products are fire, niche market overlooked

  2014, the wearable product is gushing out, Moto, 360 Gear s, Apple Watch products around the world picked up a unit wave of wearable, millet, Gecko, inWatch and other manufacturers are wearable domestic market out of the wind. Wearable device widely distributed major technology headlines, robbed other smart devices really stole the show.

  Wearable product is fire, burst and leakage problems are also more and more. Smart bracelet tasteless, smart watches battery life problems have become a focus of controversy. For mainstream wearable products, these issues, with the publishing of a regular product upgrades as well as different brands of products, wearable products, these pain points are gradually fading. For older wearable device, however, scarcity of product updates slow product range, together with the habits of the elderly causes, wearable product of pain in the elderly market has become an important factor in buying.

  Is currently committed to wearing Dai Liji marketing company in favor of the team, many of them in the children’s market, after all, the children’s market for functional requirements easier. Pet market do not require much of the equipment at the same time demand is not very big, but senior market demand and sales out of all proportion. Mainstream wearable products more and more fire, wearable product defects are more obvious, aged no with the fiery heat of mainstream products in the market, mainstream product defects became old wearable products are chosen for a reason.

  Design on one sector, it is difficult to meet client requirements

  According to statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, by 2015, the number of Alzheimer’s patients will be more than 10 million people in China, some fail and completely disabled older people in China will reach 40 million people. Empty-nest elderly and dementia elderly and disabled population is increasing, becoming the main cause of many manufacturers to enter the field of old wearable.

  In addition to intelligent smart blood pressure monitor, thermometer, health products, many older wearable products are committed to solve the problem of a physical defect in the elderly, with the function of locating lost prevention equipment, monitoring the health of older people and alarm function with the protagonist of smart products into the market. Manufacturers in product design at the same time also focuses on addressing older users ‘ physical problems. Author Tomohiro will experience a flagship falls alarm products, not to speak of beauty and ugliness in product design, according to the staff of this watch falls quickly called the police, and has a circumference of battery life, GPS, Bluetooth, SIM cards, and Jacuzzis. But in my experience I found that this product in terms of user experience is very bad, an older user-oriented product is installed the latest Android, as two inches screen and not well optimized, in my vision is to use a test, let alone the poor eyesight of the elderly. Smart homes from players to winners

  Design of one sector, which many wearable products for older users is difficult to satisfy user demand, and even a little exotic. Can say in order to seize the market, some manufacturers were too rushed.

  Relying on the slow development of the mobile phone, a separate sales bottlenecks

  Right now many mainstream wearable device positioning for mobile phone accessories, but the market for older, wearable device wants to rely on cell phones is not really a good choice.

  Smart mobile phone into the old market is not a good way, while Huawei, millet and other manufacturers developed the old model, the effectiveness is not very significant, older mobile phones continue to be the main market functions. Wearable devices often need to connect and smart phones, wearable device if you want to rely on the older mobile phone development, speed, it is also a lot of old wearable device independence in mobile phones outside the main reason. Independent of the mobile phone will have to take into account the behavior of older users, wearable product has to have a communication function, but also has a good standby time, UI and functional design for older users is essential. As said earlier, many wearable device in the user’s experience is not in place, this is where the bottleneck is.

  In my opinion, grey market for wearable devices and mainstream wearable products have different design logic, manufacturers should be more diluted product intelligence, using very simplified design. Communications features are retained for example is not the main, mainly for older users alert when the accident occurred, rather than thinking of replacing old mobile phone in his hand.

  Wearable device in the area of health care has a lot of applications through wearable devices real-time understanding of the physical condition of the elderly is many people’s vision. For wearable manufacturers into the old market should be implemented progressively, gradually developed for the elderly using smart products, quick success up product strategy will only allow grey market became more difficult.


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