Russia in the 2014 Asian defence exhibition on display at the new stand off

  Russia Kaluga Radio Science Research Institute (KNIRTI) held in Kuala Lumpur of Asian defence exhibition was shown at the new L187AE electronic warfare systems. L187AE the electronic warfare system is a kind of standoff jamming equipment can be installed in the Mi-8/17 military helicopter, so that it can be against radar-guided missile threats.

  L187AE system relies on the KNIRTI the company tradition of digital radio frequency memory (DRFM), active scanning arrays (AESAs), advanced digital signal processing techniques to work.

  Russia developed active scanning array antennas have been applied to the fighters on the radar and other equipment, has become one of the most important electronic warfare products, its large electronic shield that not only can play the role of, and because of its small number of antennas, non-mechanical scan so that it is very light in weight.

  Russia experts say L187AE compared with the previous system, both in terms of processing speed and power performance has improved, power up to MW, and can cover most of the spectrum of electronic warfare. After the system is installed in an unattended machine performs a variety of combat missions, not only protects the fixed/mobile platform on the ground clearing bomb attack against the enemy, but also can be used as a protective barrier so that one fighter attacks against enemy air defense systems. IPhone6s tactile interaction technology ForceTouch



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