Box threshold to pay and the future

Based on the above evaluation, box cover, and there is no technical or user threshold. So, if developers want to do a similar box to pay services, be hard? At the moment, no.

This from China UnionPay company limited for the next great game began.

Early in 2009, UnionPay has exhibition, and ambitions to become a domestic payment area “aircraft carrier” and “flagship” – and thinking he would like to referee took gold medal in China is not uncommon. To this end, the Union pay a very large financial IT platform, including Internet payment platform, and a variety of services and features available. Box cover, it is connected to the “full pay” payment platform–this thing, and PayPal, fast money is a nature.

Cup obviously wants, including box cover domestic phone card service, eventually all rolled up to the platform operation. But clearly, this Bud is not just breaking industry, has still awaits official willingness to service providers, such as “Lucia Lacarra,” will launch in May of its mobile card reader, and will appear more and more like “Lucia Lacarra,” so they can pay for licensed service providers involved in the phone card industry.

Box cover is typical within the game. Current box paid APP version number is 1.1, which provides services only in the Cup “full pay” payment interface connection. The stage taking into account the box to pay the company’s current, this is understandable: it is clear that pay for the more important task is to improve the product in the box, universal cell phone credit card habit with a view to its sale card reader, instead of the optimized software functions. Just Cavalli iPhone 5S case

So if the box cover as “full pay” a Terminal, then PayPal, quick cash, EZ pod and money payment platforms all can develop their own mobile credit card terminals, and because the payment platform has its own fixed customers, their functions and scope than China UnionPay “full pay” would be large. By then, the box where pay?

But from another perspective, because the box cover is just an interface, the peripheral coverage is broad enough, enough binding bank card, this interface can be completely open to the other payment platforms. Pay total entry into mobile payment platform as the box, brimming, and barriers are intact. Where full payment in the box thoughts.


Millet router

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Millet router Just Cavalli iPhone 5 Case

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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Just Cavalli iPhone 5S case


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