Nano machines will eventually realize Scientists take control of nano particles

  In science fiction, Nano-machines is a very loved and very powerful. In reality it can be made out of it? Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have found possible approaches.

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Nano-machines will eventually realize? Scientists take control of nano-particles

  Manufacturing nano-structure is currently the most viable option is the use of nanoparticles, but how to control the movement and they are a big problem. Researchers used known as “bubbles” of new concepts, nano-particles can find a “vehicle”.

  Scientists used laser in water to make a hot, then it evaporates to form bubbles. Bubble pressure, surface tension and the convection phenomenon attracting and trapping of nanoparticles in water, then people will be able to control the movement of the bubble by laser, to control the particle itself. Laser power increases or decreases, the bubble size can also change. YSL iPhone 5 Case YSL iPhone 5 Case

  When the laser is turned off, bubble burst, nanoparticles are fixed in one place. Through this approach, scientists were able to achieve a lot of complicated structure of manufacturing.

  New method’s greatest advantage is that it does not need very harsh laboratory environment and low cost. Scientists expect that it can be used to make optical computer or a new solar panel.

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