Want to touch something in the game This cool gloves in the hope

Want to touch something in the game? This cool gloves in the hope

  Virtual reality glasses have managed to do for you in the game world, but how to follow up your hands is a big problem. A developer named Mirek Burkon introduced his virtual reality glove, is said to be more reliable than other similar products.

  Still in the prototype stage, Mirek Burkon gloves seemed to be very rough, but sense of connecting the vast range of pipeline technology. Glove hand gestures on the screen “hand” will restore, it looks good.

  Mirek Burkon want to the glove on the market, so he’s not going to open all the secrets of the new invention. But he disclosed that the glove hand dynamic capture does not rely on external sensors, all equipment the internal tracks. On the gloves and see a lot of connectors, it can be assumed it is the use of direct perception and restore these hand movements.

  Can see that new products should technically not very mature, although Mirek 1:1 restore Burkon of gloves can be accomplished, but looking at the picture from him a virtual gesture and actually gesture is not one by one. Internet war for talent printed in Dragon battle

  Next year, we will be able to see all kinds of virtual reality glasses have appeared on the market, but they will use a handle instead of a hand. Want hand capture technology to get mature, brings us the most realistic gaming experience.


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