Baidu released robot Assistant secret

  On September 8, at 201,500 World Congress to be held today, Robin Li, Baidu’s Chairman and Chief Executive, announced the launch of a robot Assistant Secretaries (English name: Duer) and be integrated in the latest phone Baidu version 6.8. Robots and snatching their rice bowls Tencent

Baidu released robot Assistant: secret

  It is learned that Li at the meeting demonstrates the use of the secret method, successful natural quiz completed reservation, scheduled pet grooming and buying movie ticket service. Users can “Hello Peru!” Activated in the phone Baidu robot Assistant, Li pointed out that search service is different from a simple information retrieval, service needs, is a dynamic correction, multiple rounds of interaction of complex processes.

  It is reported that the secret is embedded in the phone APP in the Baidu, Baidu maps Baidu Baidu APP services such as glutinous rice combination and secret depth, Baidu in the future will be represented by the secret service are fully open, and for use by other partners.

  At present, the secret has been in restaurants, movies, pet three scenes as secretarial service, will soon be extended to the nail, driver, education, healthcare, finance and other industries, and secret does not rule out the possibility to develop separate App.


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