Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles

In recent years, with “Haze” and other words, all kinds of environmental issues impact on the human and environmental protection almost all of humanity as a priority. Therefore, the households the environmental protection, and environmental protection into all walks of life. In the automotive industry, the most important change is opening a “new energy” road car age. Especially in recent years, with increasing environmental requirements, “new energy” automotive technology continues to develop, both in national policy to encourage and support, our “new energy” car development into the fast lane, ushered in a historic opportunity for development of new energy vehicles.

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

New energy vehicles is a good, small, most intuitive point to or over living in dadidu few years, little partners the benefits of, and never again have to worry about the wind, MOM, money wayward buy buy buy!

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

We first look at the new energy vehicles in January 2016 sales rankings (“WPS small Gong Ju” is coming! )

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

It is easy to see from the figure, BYD Tang, and with which won the 2015 new energy car sales Crown, in January this year with Rob champion once again, the media began reporting.

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

Is there a “treasure” sold bright? HA HA. Not gibberish, “Don” by virtue of outstanding performance earned himself a good reputation, “Tang” 4.9 seconds from zero to 100 km/h can be used “Chinese speed” to explain, HA HA HA. In addition, BYD’s innovative mobile power station functions in opportunites, lying in the field and even outdoor safety can provide a steady flow of electricity when he rescue, the artifact by many owners of praise and love. Independent brands, new energy cars BYD is one of the most brilliant stars, the best scenery, won domestic new energy automotive sales champion, runner-up of sales of dumped several streets. BYD, has become China’s first new energy vehicles. A simple sale no.1 to BYD said new sources of strength, may be too thin. Following the triple heavyweight Awards winner for new sources of unimpeachable testimony.


Special award of the United Nations–to show the international community’s contribution to the company recognized

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

Awards II    

He won the “China business leader Awards”-show power of BYD’s business leaders

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

Award three   

BYD was awarded “the Zayed future energy Prize” award for large enterprises–won the energy sector enterprises

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

These awards are too many car companies envy! “China new energy leader,” said BYD’s perfect performance in 2015: the first time the global electric vehicle sales charts; fully enter global markets, adding “visit”; into the United Nations, is Pan Qiwen “praise”; many authoritative awards … … BYD’s own absolute superiority in the new energy automobile industry, led the global development of new-energy auto industry. Yes! Already representative of China to the world, and leading the world’s new energy automobile industry!

According to its official figures, in May 2015, the monthly sales of new energy vehicles, BYD 4041, monthly sales surpassed Nissan to become the world’s new energy cars champion, after which monthly sales are red all the way, won the award for a few months in a row. By December 2015, BYD sales close to 11,000 units of new energy vehicles, an increase of approximately 254.8%, rose nearly 41.4%. BYD Qin 2014, 2015 for two consecutive years to become the most popular new energy vehicles, sales in 2015 of 31,900.

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

Tang sales more robust as a condensed countless technicians SUV, BYD “Tang” unique three q-drive two-mode technology, mobile power station features three words explain the product thoroughly, but sales then to “force” the best footnote. From the outbreak of the January sale at the end of the line, “Don” magnificent drama staged a potential blue-chip stocks, listing Tang Qin half of annual sales, has sold more than half a year. In accordance with the current market trends in 2016, BYD, Tang is expected to become the new best-selling champions in the field of new energy vehicles. 2015 its cumulative sales of nearly 62,000 of new energy vehicles, rose as high as 234.7%, 7 months in a row to the top of the global champion of new energy vehicles, creating Chinese car brands history.

Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?
Whereas Tesla Mitsubishi Nissan and BYD why leading global new energy vehicles?

So, why Tesla, BYD Mitsubishi Nissan, win new energy vehicles at the top of the world, who knows? There are several reasons for this:

Launch one or more new models continuously flowering

BYD sales on access to these results, other contributions other than Star models also rely on other product series, the more flower layouts also promote new energy vehicles, BYD continued to climb steadily. For instance in special purpose vehicle, BYD has mainly used as public transportation vehicles of the K9, K8 and other pure electric E6 of buses, taxis, electric forklifts, electric-only washes sweep vehicles, as well as in the development of passenger transport C9 models, urban logistics T3 rich product series. In terms of personal car, in terms of personal vehicles, BYD has a perfect layout, including Qin, SUV car Tang, song, and Yuan and other models to be listed. Among them, the Qin and Tang which is the sales force. Witness the strength in sales, popular in the global market of BYD electric cars with a reliable quality in the world, this one from going out the core of the brand in China, today began in everywhere in the world.

Second, overseas distribution to further deepen

As early as a few years ago, BYD started to constantly improve the global market layout, blossom in both domestic and international markets, excellent product quality and strength have been widely recognized by users. Today, that effort has paid off, and that is the steadily rising sales on the one hand, on the other hand the company new energy vehicles are generally recognized on a global scale.

In 2013, the BYD E6 new energy cars were introduced into the United Kingdom market. In 2015, BYD in the international market is entering the fast track of development. February 2015, its K9 electric bus landed Japan Kyoto became the first successfully entered the Japan market Chinese brands; the end of April, BYD gains United States TD 60 pure electric bus order in long beach, United States largest pure electric bus order records in October, BYD in London was won as much as £ 660 million of pure electric bus order. Today, BYD’s new energy automotive footprint has covered five continents over more than 40 countries and regions, more than 160 different cities, including United Kingdom and the United States, and Japan and other mainstream auto power market. Especially worthy of mention is that BYD was first successfully entered the Japan market Chinese brands, we can see that BYD attainments deep in new energy vehicles. New motor vehicle for pre 15 22 million March

Further expansion in the global market for new energy vehicles, BYD, BYD just shows new energy vehicles in these areas, demonstration and commercial operation success, so the power these cars BYD open the green light.

Third, technology upgrades, improve brand recognition

There is a saying: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and drop the stone in a day of work. BYD can achieve impressive results in the field of new energy vehicles, it is relying on its technology strengths, as well as adhere to the accumulation and innovation for many years.

BYD has been insisted on painstaking research and development and innovation, and leading scientific and technological achievements. Today, BYD is the world’s only traditional techniques and mastering electronic control technology of electric vehicle batteries, motor, car companies, research and development of new energy vehicles this will undoubtedly have a greater advantage. According to the material statistics show that BYD is currently the largest number of patent applications in the automotive industry companies, and investment in research and development than any other car. As of April 2015, BYD is applying for patent 8,846 (authorized). Inventions, 2,421 utility 5,298, the appearance of 1127. In addition, according to the data released by the State intellectual property office, 2015 patents grant ranked carmakers, BYD the first. That same year, BYD’s “hybrid technology” was awarded the Gold Prize in China patent, which are automobile manufacturers for the first time in the new energy sector to receive this honor.

BYD’s hybrids, pure electric vehicles actually sell the world champion, in fact, BYD sales models Don, song and the price is not low even par SUV joint venture at the same level. For example, song-fuel version of the price range of 96,900-146,900 Yuan, while dual-mode version of the pre-sale price of 280,000 yuan; Don’s price range is reached 251,300-279,800 RMB. Even in its main joint venture product range, BYD’s models still achieved good sales performance, just this point only upward from the price range can also reflect on BYD brand recognized by consumers.

In 2016, with the new energy listed models of song, Yuan, BYD, BYD will be to inject a shot of new energy vehicles, better in product layout, and can further meet the demand of different consumers. With domestic and global consumer demand for new energy vehicles increases, advantages of new energy vehicles will become more and more clear that new energy automobile market will also become clearer, and BYD also will continue to lead the new energy automobile industry on a global scale.

  Small words  

Shortly before the uproar of the “new-energy car cheat up” problems are more and more people are concerned about, so many people look to leave the Green, turning to “cheating up”, some began to wonder if the company lied to fill.

Small has been considered, both at home and abroad, supporting its access to sales and the root of the word is not “policy” or “subsidy”, but with an exclusive core technology. But small make up just to let more Chinese consumers understand why “United States Uncle Yankee Doodle,” “Germany Hans” and “United Kingdom Empress Dowager”, choose “grass-roots” root of BYD! Chinese media seems to be more concerned about whether the company cheated up? Overseas media focusing more on BYD’s sales growth is behind the development of new energy cars.

BYD “born in” the United States, there is a “joint venture” good pedigree, may now be more moist, but it itself with our Chinese culture which was unmatched by any joint!




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