United States Bull s eye supersonic drone modeling domineering

  Recently, the United States Agency to a peculiar form of drone carried out a flight test, which will be ready for the flexible wing flight test. This plane is like a children’s cartoon plane, in fact this is the latest design of the X-56A drones, it is a new generation supersonic drone was named “Bull’s eye”.

  ”Bull’s eye” UAV’s mission is to test “aeroservoelastic techniques”, this technique can be in flight control of aircraft vibrations … This unmanned Captain 2.28 metres, with a wingspan up to 8.5 m, weight: 217 kg, is composed of two smaller 41-kilogram JetCat P400 Turbo Jet engine.

• United States NASA’s supersonic design concept

• Two researchers are manipulating X-56A aircraft

  This drone will show Sonic de-duplication technology could one day reduce the current noise of supersonic commercial aircraft in the future. Original X-56A maintenance the drone for about 6 months, ready to finish folding wing test flight for the first time in early 2016. Period of six months after the outbreak of the


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