Microsoft OfficeUIFabric born to plug in

  Microsoft today announced that the Office UI Fabric on the GitHub project opened to the public, the company said: the Office UI Fabric is a mobile first, designed for developers to create a responsive framework designed to help its already familiar with Office design language to create Web-based experiences. The project itself can simply create a new plugin, or to an existing attached components to add new features.


Microsoft Office UI Fabric: born for plugins


  Microsoft also pointed out that users can use the simple CSS styles to change the interface of the application (such as typography, color, and even animations) in order to make them get along better with other Office suites. Scientists develop new technology programmer to

  The framework had already been used in Microsoft’s own products such as Office 365, but new projects also detail the Office UX Design Guidelines (user experience design guidelines).

  Control, Microsoft has been deploying Office add-ins, a separate SharePoint add-ins, and even new features of the site. As Detailed in the Office UI Fabric Persona Card can be converted to be a bound control.


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