Micro reading APP chant does not smoke but smoking can chant

  Recently, the teasing Bob all kinds of jokes, all kinds of scenarios, Bob out. Bob can’t stand the world of the play, and then dunrukongmen, extinct on Earth. Said as the bitter cold of Buddhism, could not bear to Lonesome Bob can freak myself out of tobacco every day, only smoke when chanting was caught red-handed by Jackson … … …

  The old monk: “Ah Ming, what was, in the presence of Lord Buddha as a teacher to explain, what are you really figure out what’s wrong with”

  Xiao Ming: “master, I chant to smoke?”

  The old monk nu way: “mother Greek horses, the Holy Land of Buddhism, Cliff doesn’t work!”

  Xiao Ming: “master, that I smoke to chanting?”

  The old monk: “Ah Ming, today I do not in the name of Lord Buddha, to you, two uncles, you said, baby, you finally grow up, smoking of course can chant”

  Reality is always better than Zhigang revision bizarre jokes to 10,000 times, which, recently, micro-reading APP is on it a farce when – not talking tear came, but bubble talk can read.

  Around the phenomenon of micro-level product development will be implemented, recently read punch, micro-reading application is online, it is learned that this is the letter team developed independent reading and reading group. Micro letter reading than any other product characteristics are introducing micro-letter chain, adding social interaction elements, constitutes a new model of reading experience. But the app to read the current IOS version only, and the content is dominated by paid books published and online pay-per-click. In other words, is the company preparing to book as a link, link all concepts in an attempt to create a cloud library, reading experience for full access, all category “hardware” based from “finding books”, “someone”, “people get” digital reading worlds.

  ”So de su ne” so Ah, normally said this this is pieces good love, reading form more diversified, break has past reading APP closed of system, friends circle user viscous also more foot, everyone like Sun millet hand ring of activities volume as, in friends circle published, friends can points praise, comments, shelf bibliography also can share friends circle, each other Exchange reading experience, micro-letter reading somewhat like we reality in the coterie regularly organization of reading will. Of course, if you do not want to share part of the book in a humanitarian spirit, books can also be confidential collection, volunteers just like studying for half an hour before going to bed at night in Jin Ping Mei, Zen, and hope God ancient, some books can be kept confidential, I left a shorts fig leaf.

  Shortly before PayPal 9.0 version online, join the new social features, PayPal for socializing, greeting someone, you’re feeling of debt or borrow money, you say I’m wrong is the answer, and will not even sit. Look at app launch micro-letter read, reading is essentially a social, reading is a popular entertainment, greets you as if you’re reading, you’re reading someone @ your, your voice while reading you, don’t you, is long, Bob had to cry abuse Halo in the toilet.

  QQ reading chicken Jet Pack China s first behind the scenes including

  A reading APP, not a light application, also developed the engine response to playback of audio, video, pictures. Look back, if the app read does not have these capabilities, and we used to experience worse compared to the mobile reading applications. But on the other hand, if the app read with these features, and QQ reading that much of a difference does it make, much simpler with a social function, why not add this functionality directly on the QQ reading. When Tencent micro-Bo can explained for sniper Sina micro-Bo of meat shield products, for micro-letter development win take time, although Tencent micro-Bo does as defense type products, adhere to the doctrine, but last also does do has the do of obligations, a success of, worth Memorial of cannon fodder level products, if said Tencent micro-Bo is great of cannon fodder, so QQ reading is huge of chicken. Contrary QQ of the now reading micro letters reading, is he, QQ micro battle, there already spread QQ micro-tongshicaoge, no wave, UBER just like China, is a family of the Fearless Hyena, neighbors comment was pure worry.

  IOS system pay barriers

  Micro letter reading is mainly used in the Apple IOS systems and read for pay models, Android system micro-payments is easy. But on a family farm, powerful Tencent understands the strong dragon does not pressure the local bosses. For iPhone users, but have to pay Apple ID account, no micro-payment–from similar products in the past, should be associated with the Apple APP STORE’s payment rules. Move that affects not only the micro-payment market penetration, high percentage by Apple would also recharge amount. In order to circumvent Apple’s share, the eBook APP has brilliant idea, as the Kindle requires users to use Web ordering, NetEase cloud read by paid SMS bypass. Micro letters reading “honest” using Apple’s payment system, but means that the actual revenues have shrunk dramatically. Moreover, micro-reading internal system a lot of netizens ridicule the number of incomplete, but compared to other reading APP, more expensive books per customer transaction, if Apple was used to deliver the protection costs passed on to the users, that is maiduhuanzhu.

  Study in watercress example

  Currently the information most, users most read sites not belong to double reading. As early as 2012 each month of visiting users to more than 8 million visits even more billions. The active reading full of like-minded artists on the website for a book of ideas and comments, people glance, and “proves” the sense of relief. However by books cold of attached of property does not strong, pseudo literary youth moment whim, see several this novel, moments flaunts literary youth, arty of to watercress reading published Xia himself of talk, pointing to, hot effort a had, himself in watercress pulled had what, pulled had what shit early ball forget has, until next book friends to then comments, and not know to has monkey, asked this is what, is not know has Han, regardless of Wei Jin. Really wants to find the young reading social, who knows were called “you’re reading that, your whole family reading.”

  Other main social-reading software such as reading, reading mostly book reviews book of the thumb plucking community or niche and the closure of the “Book Club”, the true reading dive down and would have turned off the hands on the Internet spends the few really reading. The active but not active, not active people enjoy the BB blind, even if it is just an illusion of prosperity bubble. The reason, partly because in this era of impetuous, pursuing efficient entertainment, fewer and fewer people who can settle down to read. Micro letter reading the main friends social reading APP, although in the short term to attract early adopters, but simple ranking system may not be enough to keep a user for a long time. Even if someone wanted to study, and also may be friends of greeting or comment to attract attention. Another limitation of the area consists of an interest in social causes. According to big data intelligent recommendation, recommendation will always be what you want, but do not want not need, but are blocked, depending on the open network, immersed, more closed. As McLuhan said, “we shape our tools, and tools, in turn, shape our”; in the information world, this sentence also applies: we shape our media, media in turn shape us.

  Gene does not, then work is blind

  Shortly before Wanda for the development of e-commerce business online has been reported several times looking for the master, although two armies fight, very sensitive to want to change. But Wanda still don’t do it, while Wang only money of the poor family. But there is something, really less to do with money.

  Suning appliance not only the name has changed to Su Ningyun, and invested heavily in the firing line on year after year, results, and beautiful as holding company financial statements, last on August 11, but was in a hurry to marry Ali with Internet gene.

  Of course boasts beautiful unlike the hammer phone laoluo with excellent comedian………..

  Paid social entrainment, I also feel that can be read and social inclusion, as a self-described love Zhigang, was drunk and social dynamic, active reading is static, immersed. Combination of the two can only produce a variation of the children, to itself people’s reading time in decreased bruising above will surely pinch of salt. “Diligence shortage in leisure, line into SI was destroyed in” even as times change, new technologies emerge, but to read about nature, reading tips, elements, but does not change. Reading is settling down, “cold sat the bench for ten years, the article does not write a single word.” If they do not go through a process of deep reading, addicted to reading, micro-letter read, fast-reading, fragmented reading, dwarf is the most dire consequences of your thinking, shrink your logic skills. Once a force shrinking, logical thinking ability, that means you can’t cross a wealth of knowledge, disorderly phenomena to complete the vast amounts of information and insight into the nature of things.

  Some things you can “Internet +”, can the door be replaced, such as massage. But something from the genes in human decisions, cannot be replaced, needs hands-on, like children, if married, bring a gift, one large and one small, one get one, would you do it? app reading reading social, reading is a mishap, a reading social cart.


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