Sales dropped slippery pre price Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

  Lead: fierce competition in the Smartphone market, millet, ZTE, Nubian, route Smartphone Meizu lower price brand, the world’s largest smartphone maker Samsung Electronics threaten tufted.



  Samsung mobile phone Local heart cock wire life small local Android

  From Samsung’s second-quarter earnings today, its latest flagship Smartphone Galaxy S6 does not seem to achieve the sales target.

  Samsung Electronics in second-quarter earnings warning that mobile phone sector faces a difficult market environment, prepared to price Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to make “adjustments” in order to “maintain” the sales momentum. The company said it will launch new smartphones for various consumer groups.

  Samsung Electronics has not explained in detail its “adjusted” details, but sources familiar with the plan, Samsung Electronics plans to price for its flagship Smartphone.

  In today’s second-quarter earnings, Samsung Electronics, IT and sales fell 8.4% in the mobile phone sector, to 26.06 trillion South Korean won (about US $ 22 billion), of which 7.3% drop in mobile phone sales, to 25.5 trillion won.

  As consumers have chosen rival mobile phone products, against the world’s top smartphone maker Samsung Electronics of the day is not easy. As low-end products in emerging markets have been siege of millet, Huawei and other brands, had accounted for the Samsung two-thirds Smartphone business operating profit in recent quarters appear declining, which contribute to the company’s profits are declining as a whole.

  Market research firm Gartner released in May said, Samsung smartphone sales and market share in both fell in the first quarter of this year. 81.1 million smartphones were sold in the first quarter, 4.4 million less over the same period, its share of the market is 24.2%, shrinking sharply from 30.4% in the same period a year earlier.

  Samsung does not release smartphones in the second quarter, but the Wall Street Journal quoted analysts as saying that, between 71 million and 76 million in shipments.

  Editor’s review: the Smartphone market has been to introduce new, also has been a breakthrough in new technologies, but the competition was too cruel. New products launched after a period of time, almost all brands will be the price policy. This is a marketing tool, also suits the market.


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