Beacon technologies is what Do you really know


Beacon technologies is what? Do you really know


  Beacon technology has been around for a few years, and has been growing exponentially. It was originally used by retailers to attract shops surrounding a range of consumers, low-power Bluetooth (BLE) beacon technologies will transmit a signal to a compatible mobile device, and to attract potential consumers. As the market continues to expand, more and more businesses interested in this technology.

  Beacon can help businesses optimize business strategy, in theory, it can break the barriers of reality and digital life, providing services using the user’s geographical location. Beacon technologies and equipment for the main role can be seen in the following aspects.

  1 value added

  As a retailer, to inform consumers which products are not enough. Using Beacon technology businesses need to stimulate consumers to access their business, provide immediate rewards, vouchers or discount is a good choice. Main goal is to encourage consumers to impulsive spending. In addition, provide a store of information is provided to the user’s satisfaction, such as commodities and queuing time.

  2. help

  To provide more information to provide customer satisfaction. Employees can use the Beacon technology data, such as geographic location and purchase records, provide better service. Li Feng semiconductor Giants are transition to

  3. consumer feedback

  Consumers ‘ views on the company’s value is very large. Send questionnaires to consumers, marketers can get more accurate and valuable feedback, so as to further provide the quality of service.

  4. the privacy authorization

  Before sending spam to consumers, Beacon technologies will first they close to confirm that you would like to receive push messages. Consumers want convenience, but do not want to be harassed.

  5. more options

  In addition to Instant Messaging, push, Beacon technology can do a lot. After the information obtained can be used for promotional or other purposes. Explains the content below.

  It is clear that Beacon device is useful, but there are still some challenges. Firstly, there are privacy concerns. When in use, retailers should remind the user will also be informed if they feel harassed, and must be able to be easily blocked. For a company, it is a big challenge, need to be carefully considered.

  Secondly, the Beacon device that can only transmit information, unacceptable and gather information. To complete this procedure, Beacon devices need a charging device to collect data, such as computers and mobile phones.

  Even so, Beacon market remains strong. At present, the Beacon technology has no competitors, but there are some complementary techniques. Eddystone is one of them, it was developed by Google, open source and cross-platform work, applies to any device and software. Eddystone may send information to a specific object, does not need to be broadcast. This technology can help travelers track suitcases at the airport. But the Beacon technology development will gradually improve.

  At present, the Beacon technology is mainly used in stores, but they can also be used in any industry that needs to locate. Airport is a potential market, because Beacon provides flight information, baggage, gate information, of course, airports also have stores. In addition, its museums, parking and the usefulness of the health-care industry is also very big.

  Information transmission and it may change in the future. With the popularity of wearable device, Beacon can also send information to the watch. Imagine this scenario: you have to look for parking spaces in the parking lot, without a phone, watch vibration feedback can help you find a vacant seat.

  Beacon technologies is increasingly integrated into our lives, even though it still has a lot of room for improvement, but for investors and businesses, now is a good time to use it.


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