Battery 650km From Taiwan dream Edition Tesla how

  Wei Feng network, September 17 Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2015 in full swing, as expected, European cars accounted for half the wall exhibition losses, almost everyone’s attention, then South-East Asia’s car? And there are some new concept cars are pretty good, like this one from Taiwan, known as comparable to the Tesla with his bold design of car Thunder Power (Thunder power? )。

  Since introduction of the show, Thunder Power is a premier electric sports car, put simply it is a hybrid product, Taiwan manufacture, Italy designed and Germany (Bosch, Dallara, CSI) engineering elements converging together, so you can imagine it is really quite unique. In fact, it can with gentleness at the Frankfurt Motor Show debut was an impressive thing, because the car was not initially manufactured by the automaker, but a motor maker called Chang Wei, formerly known as the “motor” to OEM motor and machine tool equipment, quite a first Lamborghini tractor.

  Thunder Power offers two versions, the first version of maximum output power up to 308 HP, torque of 236 lb ft. Another version is the focus of attention, the output power up to 429 horsepower, has a 413-foot pounds of torque, zero to 100 km/h acceleration takes only 5 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 250 km per hour. The funny thing is, no matter what version, expected base starting price is $ 63000 (401,000 yuan), allow you to custom and more diverse selection.

  However, Thunder Power such a dreamy look is not going to change, we’ve already said, the design does not come from Taiwan, but the famous car design studio Zagato of Milan, with Crescent-shaped design headlight group, with the fish-grille styling, a high degree of identification, and spoke wheels large size key. In terms of features, Thunder Power all luxury and decoration was also very rich, including a large number of fine leather leather upholstery, solid wood decorative, double-spoke multifunction steering wheel and TP-Touch a touch of infotainment systems, length of large screen Infotainment system directly over the instrument panel.

  According to site information, Thunder Power Board is 125kWh the battery pack, one hour can be completely filled, a full charge can run at one time about 650 km, life is crazy. Manufacturers said the electric luxury sports cars EV electric vehicle platform based on several specialized, so you can easily “zoom in” or “zoom out”, such as using the platform claims to small supercar or large SUV models, so the exhibition beyond the Thunder Power, Thunder Power Race cars, is also based on the platform using four-wheel drive design.

  Thunder Power professional racing versions of the Race is even crazier, the appearance has been completely redesigned, looks somewhat similar to the Nissan Nissan 370Z, front lip spoiler after the match, it also has a specially tuned suspension and an electric motor, can reach maximum output power is said to be crazy about 1000 horsepower, more in line with its name. Hello Kitty for Note 4

  Thunder Power already has preliminary plans is expected in 2017 went on sale first in Europe, then March 2018 year China and the United States market. Sources said, Taiwan Chang Wei invested $ 40 million, Zhejiang Chang Wei in mainland China to set up new energy automobile company, and plans to build assembly plant in the coastal city of Shaoxing, mainland China will be the main Thunder Power market.

  Thunder Power:

  Thunder Power Race :

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Hello Kitty for Note 4

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