Super endurance 50 000 Ma Bao charged with solar charging panels

  March 24 Weifeng network news, a Chinese TV show has ever before like this one: with Android phones and the iPhone is a nice boy, because they must go home recharge at night! Of course, it also speaks volumes about the Smartphone battery life generally catch a nasty problem. As of right now, due to the change in their smart phones battery life is not very realistic, therefore only a few external devices to complete. In the midst of this, the most common is charging the treasure.

Super endurance! 50,000 Ma Bao charged with solar charging panels

  Believe everyone out, especially when it came out charging would choose to take one or two treasures just in case. Generally, we charge carried by Po at around 10,000 Ma. Of course, this refers to the relatively regular products, fake … … Write fifty thousand or sixty thousand, you dare believe?

  But now, anyone really launched 50,000 Ma charging treasure. And, in addition to having such a large capacity, also has a solar-charging function. When in the Sun, just lay it out and can be charged. Of course, such charging is much less than conventional charging method is.

[Article correction]

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