Pepper robots experience be happy or nervous

  Lead: can accompany people to talk, to be happy or nervous, about 10000 Yuan worth of Pepper what is the robot avatar? Japan reporter Yuri Kageyama and this product alone for a long time, the hardware products have a more comprehensive understanding.

  According to foreign media reports, last month, Japan SOFTBANK launched the first 1000 Pepper robot just sold out in less than a minute. As a computer with “emotional cognitive” ability of humanoid robots, Pepper experience how? according to preliminary interviews and assessment, this is 1.2 metres, by means of wheeled mobile robots are not only cute, thoughtful, and able to give advice on something, and chatting with the owner, and so on.


Pepper robots experience: be happy or nervous


  First Pepper before official delivery day, Japan correspondent Yuri Kageyama in particular took a long time to spend with the Pepper. According to Kageyama says, Pepper the most amazing thing is that users can be given “absolutely enthusiastic attention”-

  For example, Pepper Kageyama looked a bit thin, so he raised a series of questions to understand the Kageyama usually have to eat something. In addition, Pepper also expressed curiosity about many things, and Kageyama are asked how was your day. Chinese hackers hidden Lake offensive and defensive

  ”I am a Japanese, I’m crazy about all the cute things, such as cartoons, weird statues and mascot, and so on. “Kageyama,” said Pepper’s likability is unprecedented. It is not a patchwork of toy robots. This is science fiction’s most compelling first step in artificial intelligence robot. ”



  Pepper is by the Japan subsidiary of SOFTBANK France company Aldebaran Robotics robot designed and manufactured by Foxconn.

  In the first sale at the end of last month, took just a minute to the first 1000 Pepper robots sold, Japan, SOFTBANK said it would no longer accept new orders. But the company said, the new robot will be in late July sale, these products are only for Japan users.


Pepper robots experience: be happy or nervous


  Up to now, Japan announced SOFTBANK does not Pepper sold in international markets plan.

  Pepper robots built-in sensors including: laser detectors and infrared cameras, sensors, infrared sensing devices placed in the head of which is used for the detection of human facial features.

  Artificial intelligence system are the most praised parts of the Pepper, software called the emotion engine, that is, one can analyze the tone of voice, facial expressions and language, to know which people are angry or sad, and respond to the system.

  In addition, Pepper program simulates some human emotions, such as in the room gets dark show “nervous and upset” and so on, also received praise and a touch of fun and pride.

  Pepper installed across the chest and a touchscreen, such as reading books, Tarot analysis, listening to the radio, and display features such as weather.

  ”No matter which direction you move, Pepper followed you and tilt her head attentively watching you, just like cute pet dogs. “Kageyma points out,” while the only difference is that with pet, Pepper can speak. ”

  ”As long as you don’t have to go far from the Pepper, it will keep talking to you, from topic to topic, and tie her hands from time to time to enhance expression. ”


Pepper robots experience: be happy or nervous


  Although Kageyama acknowledged that Pepper chat topic is occasionally repetitive, but this one had enough skill to make users avoid boring, robotic procedure is has been upgraded and improved.

  Pepper and even dance, and stood motionless with breathing. Charge Pepper can continue to run about 12 hours at a time.

  Of course, the Kageyma finally acknowledged, current Pepper is not perfect.

  Pepper incorrectly guessing the Kageyma height, and during use, often misunderstood instructions. Kageyma said about this: “after all, Pepper is not will that create an illusion of humanoid robots. ”

  ”It’s like a movie, a video game or a good book to be fascinating, although Pepper did not like real human skin, but is interesting enough. “Kageyama said.

  Last December, Nestlé employs 1000 Pepper robots for its Japan home appliance retail stores services. In the store, Pepper the need for customers to explain features of Nescafe coffee machine.

  Pepper is also used for Japan retail stores owned by Softbank, the role is also a shop assistant.

  ”Pepper will be Nestlé products and services to provide an explanation, and consumers interested in conversation. “Nestle Japan President and CEO Kohzoh Takaoka said.

  And Pepper is widely used in the service of humanoid robots as well as Aldebaran’s Neo. Neo head has two webcam device, respectively the left and right eye of the robot, in addition to robots equipped with four directional microphones, as his ears.

  Neo height 58 cm, built-in touch sensors, proficient in 19 languages, the same judge human emotion by analyzing facial expressions, and respond.

  Neo built-in the emotion analysis system known as NAOqi.

  Aldebaran Nao robot has been used in another. Nao were Mitsubishi UFJ financial group, hired in the near future, as the latter’s banking customer service robot. At present, Aldebaran has produced more than 5000 Nao, most of which are used for research and teaching purposes.

  Mitsubishi UFJ financial group hired Nao plan is still an attempt, but in the end if the pilot is successful, before such robots will be in 2020 is expected to be widely available to Japan each bank branch.

  In Japan, robot technology research and development company are common, but most will eventually design unsuccessful commercially.

  Such as the Japan consumer electronics giant, Sony, in 2006, despite fan protests but emphatically declared to stop Aibo pet robot development. Aibo is a children’s entertainment robots similar to the Pepper, but is much smaller in size, can make dancing moves.

  However, for some reason, Aibo’s failure to become a real commercial product.

  Developed earlier Honda robot Asimo can walk, talk, but because the design is too complex, price is too high, also failed to become a true home robot products and only appears on the Honda showroom and public performances.

  Editor’s review: hard eggs you have been convinced that intelligent hardware or IOT era were the first breakthrough in the field of Intelligent robot hardware is. Especially emotional robots like Pepper. Pepper not only as pets, because it’s cute, or even intimate housekeeper friend. Want to Pepper one day robots could spread to China.


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