Five swords to win smart wear industry technology

  In the Internet age, smart dress carrying people with “opportunities” between “communication”, and playing an Internet Control Center such a role. As computer and smart phone industry in the process of technological upgrading, iterative product updates, Smart dressing products has entered a rapid iteration process. In this process, there are five key technology will determine the development of intelligent wear industrial process and direction.

  , Man-machine interaction technology

  In the Internet age, when people became “all things” at the control center, one “machine” between “communication” will then change. Focusing on direct and convenient interactions, and based on human physiological characteristics of communication will come into being, as now people “machine” can directly “dialogues” way to communicate.

  In the Internet age, when huge amounts of data to multiple levels around us appears, no exaggeration to say, the human face of large data, data is like being in a “black hole” conditions, apparently as unlikely then as it is today, through the touch interface to find the information you need. So, we needed a more direct voice, set up communication between people and devices. Of course, voice interaction is not the ultimate direction of human-computer interaction, brain waves interact at a higher level will be achieved and exchange of thought between devices, but it also needs to go through a long process of development.

  Second, virtual display technology

  Along with people “opportunity” exchanges between a change in the way, the screen will also be redefined. Light from the current mode to mode change will also focus its work for Visual presentation.

  From the stage of development of the screen, in the industrial age, 1th of our life revolves around the traditional screens to build, or TV screen; in the Internet era, our lives began to shift over to build a 2nd screen, or computer screen; entered the era of mobile Internet, our lives began to follow the 3rd screen, that is, cell phone screen to build. The Internet of things era, our lives will be changed again, display will shift from current physical screen that can be displayed in any space of the “light” screen, but life will revolve around “everywhere” is the 4th screen, open virtual display technology. Just like iron man or the aegis of FBI agents, virtual screen will become the carrier of our access to information in any space, be “machine” communication between the Visual complement.

  Third, cloud platforms and artificial intelligence

  Because the front end data processing center to the cloud platform, then huge amounts of data on the cloud platform on current program operations and grab is clearly difficult to meet the networking needs of the times, and self operation, judgment is bound to become the next key techniques for artificial intelligence.

  Currently, both IBM and also Ali, have already begun to layout the cloud platforms such as Baidu, 360. Obviously, they have become aware of the upcoming Internet of things era, when PC or smart phone to meet with when hosting large data processing work in Internet times, device operation is bound to be starting from the front of the current hard disk to back-end cloud platform. But this is only the first step, namely transfer of data storage. To make these large data value and service to humanity, more important aspect lies in the processing of the data. According to different people, different times, different applications are processed, this is not an or several operational procedures can be completed, but needs the help of artificial intelligence technology in the “understanding” based on user intent, in the data cloud platform for users to quickly “grooming” to the desired result. Standing at the crossroads of Chinese TV independent

  Four, wireless communications and charging technology

  At present, the communication technology is by the tail wire, into the 4G network. But the communications coverage, communication efficiency, still meets Internet of things era the demand for data all the time and everywhere. Judging from the present level of technological development, the arrival of technologies such as 5G, 6G, may be able to solve this problem to some extent.

  However, another more important technical problems can easily be ignored, that is the Wireless charging technology. In the Internet age, Smart dressing equipment based on the ubiquity of wireless communication technology in communication at the same time, charging technology is becoming important. Wireless charging technology and integration of wireless communications technology, will be achieved in the process of data exchange based on storage of supplies need to be synchronized. In other words, in the Internet age, a smart dress terminals under any and all circumstances will be enjoyed anytime, anywhere communications and charging, and both will be realized based on wireless technology.

  Five, compatible system platform

  In the Internet age, huge amounts of data through the ubiquity of smart wearable terminal equipment was released. At this point, it can be said no company too big to “monopolize” all the data. By then, both Apple and Android, or Microsoft W10, now is closed or open, the future will be compatible with each other, that is, different platforms behind the database will in some way or some kinds of commercial agreements on the basis of the Exchange. Users regardless of the system purchase based on the device, as long as the system is the platform members of the agreement, will be able to obtain the appropriate data and services.

  More than five key technology, intelligent wear industry is key to the development of technology is not only, but also the whole key technology in the Internet age, not only determines the development of Smart-dressing industry, affecting human society from the era of mobile Internet access to Internet of things era. Of course, for the industrial chain, there is huge opportunity embedded in these key technologies.


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