Transformation of traditional economic operators and Internet is a trench of




  Countries were implementing the Internet strategy to have a huge impact on society as a whole, however, rejoiced in the Internet industry at the same time, many of the traditional industry expressed different thoughts, to date, there are many business leaders have said on different occasions, Internet + should actually be “+ Internet”.

  Traditional business concerns are no more necessary, the Internet cannot invade the traditional economic

  + Development of the Internet, many traditional organizations have their own concerns, because the Internet + strategy is putting the Internet to a strategic location, just adapt to the Internet to subvert the purpose of traditional industries, which has certain advantages in the traditional manufacturing businesses to rethink.

  Now, a number of technology and manufacturing companies publicly called out the “Internet +” is “+ Internet”, Internet only as a technique and ability to become a tool of China’s manufacturing industry.

  Traditional business concern is reasonable, after all, China’s traditional industries are still dominant in the development of the Internet industry in previous years, many industries have been light and the low cost of Internet company down. In the context of the powerful Internet company capital, impact many traditional businesses are hard to resist.

  It is for this reason, since the beginning of last year, many traditional businesses are already actively seeking change, or hits on her own initiative and the development of the Internet, or cooperation to forge an alliance with the big Internet companies, or to invest in Internet start-ups, fight for position in the Internet economy.

  Another operator + is not the Internet, there is no “Internet + operator”

  In the development of the Internet + economic operators some bewilderment, even not clear on which side is the +? actually, there is no “Internet + operators” because operators are included in the “Internet”.

  Operators to do exactly what the Internet +, that is, operators and the Internet was a comrade in the trenches, shared the task of transforming traditional economy.

  In terms of market development, operators and Internet companies, in fact there is a competitive relationship, but most important is cooperation between operators and Internet companies. Even if Tencent micro letter, known as the operator’s business how much anti, but still is attached to the operator’s quality in order to survive, and recent pay cable cut off time is proved by operators and Internet companies the importance of cooperation.

  If a simple operators and Internet companies as a competition between relationship and separation, it is too narrow, which is very important for Internet +, and must be a cooperation service missing who were not.

  Of course, while there is no “Internet + operators” + operators in order to provide the community with the Internet service, he is to meet the social development and change, that is, changes to Internet. This includes both the business aspects of the Internet, also includes the company’s management structure, services and marketing methods, even in systems integration and service support has made a lot of adjustments.

  Internet operators do + not only do network support, but to do the Internet

  Internet + require a carrier network support, operator is the Foundation of Internet +, if the operator is only do network support, which is wrong. Network based part of the Internet +, operators can do too much. With rich resources and capacity to carriers only provide basic network services are baotiantianwu.

  Many people hope that the operators of the Internet pipe, in order to provide a good foundation for the development of the Internet network service, only in this way can the healthy development of the Internet, thinking that this will be beneficial to the living environment of domestic Internet companies. In fact, Internet companies and operators have endowments, not mutually replaceable, operators in the business is Internet companies cannot be replaced.

  Operator has branches all over the country and building maintenance personnel, long-term stability operations support system for many years, also has customer behavior data accumulated over the decades, in addition to operators holding Internet companies don’t have a lot of unique data resource, you can develop a lot of new business for social service, some Internet companies cannot reach.

  In the development of traditional enterprise Internet + operators is essential to the information construction, Government and enterprise customers of many business operators specialize in providing products, new intelligent plant without the operators ‘ business support and intelligent products.

  Operators is an important participant + Internet strategy, is a key participant, not only to speed up price cuts to promote the development of information technology, more innovations to provide the community with unique Internet business, which is the operator of social and historical missions and tasks that must be completed.

  Liu Shuwei evaluation no operating profit source


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