Blowing smart TV is supposed to return nature of God

Blowing smart TV is supposed to return nature of God

  Chinese people have such a habit, regardless of the size of House, to put a TV in the living room and meal sitting next to the TV, also became the most important period many Chinese families.

  The living room is also a big market, which led to some unrelated to the living room TV manufacturers joined in, such as cell phones and Web sites; and they hype the concept of starting from the handle, has been extended to the content, and ecology. The allure of the market where? what consumers really need it?

  The lure of TV

  According to the relevant data show that 2015 China color TV market in the first quarter retail sales total of 12.33 million units, an increase of 13% retail sales of 40.4 billion yuan, an increase of 10%. Some experts pointed out that China has entered the small-screen TV iterations faster, big screen TV share the stage, sales will double in the coming years.

  As a businessman, the bottom line is making money. As most of the families in the biggest piece of the TV screen, natural and best profit. As a consumer, although the phones and tablets are everywhere, but based on a 5-inch (or 10-inch) screen brings the experience effect, far less than the 48-inch (most domestic consumers concerned about screen size) television to snappy.

Blowing smart TV is supposed to return nature of God

  In addition, hardware revenues, as the imagination of much of the entrance of the TV, shopping, O2O, gaming, entertainment and other features of access can also bring considerable income for TV manufacturers. While the ads like a music video and “selling member” style, is another kind of revenue.

  Consumers prefer TV

  First is the “margin of the eye.” This includes TV size, appearance, quality, price, and many other factors, most of TV is, after all, used to prominently placed in the living room, for most Chinese people, the “face” thing to be unequivocal.

  Followed by the experience. Here also include picture quality, sound quality, and, of course, contain sufficient or not, home old man likes to watch classic dramas, children just love watching Disney, how to enrich their own repository and in balancing the needs of consumers is essential.

  Finally, the “ecology”. The so-called ecological, is based on nothing more than their own hands only derived rights reserved VIP service. Thought to hold these resources can coerce the user, but in fact you’re offering those consumers who do not necessarily want to see, but as long as consumers want to see things, they have plenty of channels. Cell phone why Netcom is the enemy of operators

Blowing smart TV is supposed to return nature of God

  How smart is not smart

  Domestic manufacturers calling out “industrial chain”, “ecology”, does not seem to be much use for consumers, smart TV does the intellectual intelligence depends on their performance.

  My mother bought a smart TV, what do you want to see and bombast that so long as one on the line. So there will be a dramatic scene, love listening to Opera after his mother each time you turn on the TV to manually search for “Opera” category, selected from numerous tracks needed. The so-called smart-where is it? here can add memory function, automatic retrieval and recommended audiences interested in the content, so-called smart TVs are built-in box products like “chicken”.

  Smart TV product of the blown sky, more and more divorced from the essence of television, that “good” for consumers, what we saw and what ye sow good; and for those “toss” of consumers, they go their own ways to get those 4K, 1080P HD movies. Thus, manufacturers advocate member of the exclusive and looks more like is their way of making profit, and those related to the TV experience in itself had been put on hold.


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