AEA avionics market report shows growth

  The aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) released at its annual meeting in the year 2013 end of the avionics market report, the report shows the global General Aviation (GA) avionics sales last year of more than $24 billion dollars, up 6.9% from 2012.

  This AEA publication is the second aviation market annual report, covering all corporate and general aviation aircraft electronic sales, including cockpit/cabin/software upgrades, portable, non-certification of on-board electronic components and accessories all the hardware (a to z), batteries and rechargeable product upgrades. Report does not include maintenance and overhaul, extended warranty services.

  The report contains sales figures from the 21 members of the AEA companies, including some of the avionics industry bigwigs, such as luokeweier·kelinsi company, Garmin, Honeywell and General Aviation electronic company, as well as manufacturers of smaller and younger, such as Aspen avionics and FreeFlight systems company.

  Derks said another surprising aspect of this report was previously installed sales and renovation market is very close. In 2013, the pre-installed involving new aircraft original equipment sales accounted for 56% of total global sales. AEA President considers two markets balanced due to upgrade older aircraft than to buy new aircraft. Tiger nose complex Gala red four battlefield a



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