Intelligent machines in one you have never seen such a wonderful watch

  California United States watch brands Nico Gerard in recent days has released a Watch called the Pinnacle, which is an ordinary Switzerland manufacturing mechanical watches, 41 mm dial diameter, thickness 10.3 mm, have waterproof functions, is important to the strap can be connected to Apple on the Watch dial, forming a Pinnacle+Apple Watch piece watch.

  Nico on Gerard’s website shows that wearing a mechanical watch dials when outside of the wrist, smart dial to the wrist.

  Pinnacle watches there are three models, stainless steel strap and black dial Pinnacle for $ 9300, Skyview Pinnacle of Navy Blue Dial and stainless steel bracelet for $ 9500, 18K Sunrise red dial versions of Pinnacle sells for up to $ 112000. Quotation of Apple or Apple Watch Watch Edition is included in price.



  Because the market demand is not clear, consumers need to book before purchasing. Only 99 88 Sunrise and Skyview Pinnacle Pinnacle acceptable accommodation, standard version of Pinnacle’s book is no restriction. If you are buying a Sunrise version, then have to pay $ 200-500 when making your reservation. Then consumers will have to wait for 6-12 months (depending on the version purchased) to get the watch. Wanted to wear two watches on the wrist is not easy.

  Nico Gerard Adam Pluemer, Chairman of the media said: “Apple Watch has a lot of people want to use the feature, such as a heart rate monitor. Pinnacle+Apple Watch combo can provide a classical mechanical watch is revealed on the outside, while lurking in the smart watches all the features. 」

  He also pointed out that Apple users Watch worn on the wrist, will be more careful to check your notifications. If the user is in a meeting, surface facing down is a good way to avoid the others see the received content. This is a way to protect privacy, you can quietly Watch hidden Apple. Ben Goertzel in our lifetime wisdom of artificial


Intelligent machines in one, you have never seen such a wonderful watch


  Nico Gerard was not the first for the Apple design Watch Strap Watch timepiece manufacturers. Original Grain in June launched a preparatory project named The Duo Watch Adapter, this product can also be via the same buckle on the Barrel serial Apple Watch watch strap.

  Similar features, but the price difference is large, Original Grain watch pricing of only $ 269, and the Pinnacle from us $ 9300 for sale, why?

  Pluemer said this is because Pinnacle watches after Switzerland chronometer testing center (COSC,Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) certification, accuracy of the table is secure. He also pointed out that 3% of Switzerland table for the certification of qualifications, so Pinnacle is essentially a elite watch.

  Nico Gerard bookings has not been revealed to the media watch, which looks very “rare” piece of pocket watches will impress you?


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