Ten habits of mobile payment easy to release of information

Shopping by mobile phone do not pay attention, may result in funds being fraudulent.

Now for your convenience, our shopping habits using a mobile phone to pay for, but that there are many security problems. Online banking theft often saw News say, in fact, as long as the right to use mobile payments could have been avoided. Here we look at ten bad habits of mobile payment, using mobile phones in the future try to avoid fraudulent issue.

1 does not have a cell phone screen saver password

Many people in order to save, simply does not have a mobile phone secret security, who then take your cell phone can read, no privacy.

Ten habits of mobile payment, easy to release of information

2 skip software phone shopping

Shopping in browser prone to phishing sites, nothing still take one more step, to software purchase.

Ten habits of mobile payment, easy to release of information

3 the application exit is not complete

Although every time we shut down, but it also runs in the background, can be seen in the background.

4 do not distinguish between get free Internet

Free lunch didn’t taste so good, public WiFi risk more minutes to steal your personal information. Internet was traffic-filled packages.

5 Bluetooth turned on

Viruses can be spread via Bluetooth Smartphone others, there is someone else can watch your phone through Bluetooth spy software, information, files, change your voice, dial it for you.

6 out of the phone without completely deleting private information

Old cell phones are not sold, personal information will be your phone knows.

7 download fake software

See it, is a bad habit, it is best to select large app store downloads, at least not appear Trojans and viruses.

8 storing sensitive information over the phone

Mobile phones can remember who has, but just as the article says, no cell phone keys, these people know. 9 feel free to click on the text link

Outlaws pervasive messages often link virus, Trojans, still don’t feel free to click on the phone does not text links.

10 see QR code scanning

This thing if it is a virus, Trojan horse, your cell phone information may be stolen by others. BAT may have passed away three years after the


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