Attention Paint getting old What do you do

Everyone wants their car painted bright, a long time new. Waxing is the most convenient and effective way of curing, today help you resolve some of the questions about waxing.

Why do car waxes

1, increase

Light car wax on the most fundamental role after waxing vehicles are able to improve their gloss on the surface, brightening car paint, even moist.

2, protect car paint

Car wax has some sunscreen can reduce car paint from UV rays, high temperatures and other effects of aging. Repellency of wax makes beads not attached to the body surface, avoid dirt left on the paint in the rain.

3, cleaning, repair

Only brightening and pure wax to protect the paint, and now some car wax will add different ingredients, such as abrasives, that this wax polishing, cleaning and so on.

Can new car wax?

New cars can use to just plain wax (without abrasives), to protect and the effect of light, and for those who wax with abrasive elements, new cars is not recommended because the new car paint in good condition, abrasives can damage the paint.

Different color paint different wax?

For an ordinary car owners, are not considered matching the paint color and wax, wax is suitable for all paint colors from most manufacturers, but some light paint gorgeous effect of dark paint, this is nothing innate reason.

Attention! Paint getting old! What do you do?

Dark paint easy to the effects

Long hitting candle?

Quality different cars in different environments according to wax, wax’s staying power is different. There are garage parking, and more in good roadworthy car can be 1 month hitting candle; Counting types of fuel Geneva Motor Show the most

Attention! Paint getting old! What do you do?

Open storage of vehicles, if the wind and rain smog and other harsh environments, wax the staying power will be diminished.

Types of car wax

Commercially available cleaning wax, car wax, polishing wax product variety, usually novice-oriented product, it is relatively easy to distinguish. In fact, according to car wax composition and status differences, can be divided into the following categories.

Hard, hard wax is the best natural Palm wax. It generally does not contain abrasives, best gloss, durability is strong, the disadvantage is that the construction effort, no decontamination effect.

Attention! Paint getting old! What do you do?

Soft wax, by definition, texture and soft than hard wax, waxing is more relaxed, some soft wax containing abrasive substances, there is a certain decontamination and repair.

Attention! Paint getting old! What do you do?

Liquid wax, also known as “milk of wax.” As its name implies, is a viscous liquid, waxed more effort, lasting slightly less, whether specific products containing Abrasives also need to look at.

Attention! Paint getting old! What do you do?

Water wax, not wax, is a Polish car shampoo, washing the car looks shiny, and wax still can’t be compared, does not replace the wax, don’t be fooled by car wash. For lazy people, however, can make your car look beautiful, is also an option.

Attention! Paint getting old! What do you do?

Rose wax

“Waxing” to remember

1, before waxing, make sure to wash your car. Conditional professional car shampoo can be used to clean the body surface, with car wash mud to deep cleaning of stains on the painted surface.

2, try waxing indoors, outdoor paint the wind, dust and other effects. Sun will also make direct poor adhesion of the wax, and affect the quality waxing.

3, just a thin layer of wax, 3-5 minutes before wiping.

4, do not make the wax to metal, plastic, rubber parts, can cause corrosion!

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