Taobao discount to be 30 of the world

On September 1, Taobao raised head of hypertension revealed that up to now, Taobao has raised on-line project raised more than more than more than 2000 total fundraising amount of more than 580 million Yuan. With almost 100 Taobao has been raised venture capital and project valuations even billions of dollars, are preparing for the listing. He is expected in 2015, raising turnover accounted for more than 30% per cent of the world total turnover.

Hypertension introduction, plays for Taobao is to raise the class project of science and technology, in accordance with the funding, 90% raising project is a technology project, in accordance with the terms of, projects accounted for 40%. For example, Taobao to raise a power smart radish balanced participation to raise the first part car, fundraising amounted to 23.66 million Yuan, involving more than 55,000 people, hit a record fundraising amount. In addition, Taobao had all the chips on the line after the team of Zhejiang University-sponsored by brain wave control kether and minds racing, Leist smart smart thermostat coats and other cool projects.

“Taobao raised today signed up more than 40,000 in the background, show online only over more than 2000, the passing rate is only 5% and 6%. “Hypertension revealed that Taobao raise private flows increased 50 times times a year.

Taobao raised the latest on-line project “mystery • zero-carbon holiday camp” and raise money as of yesterday before 6 o’clock in the afternoon had more than 260,000 raised rate than 200%. Initiator of the project zero-carbon Center (Shanghai zero-carbon building technologies Ltd) used to build London’s zero-carbon case Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, in 3 months ago, the company has become a strategic emerging stock items. Do you think iPadPro enough to break Surface

PIH note, most of the investors participating in this project to raise between the 20-30, 80% are male, living in one or two cities, concentrated in North Shenzhen Hangzhou and other cities. Most of them are very good with children, family, education and income, average consumption is 5-10 times times the Taobao, the consumer.


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