Secret war parade drone teams three new models debut

Secret war parade drone teams: three new models debut

  Commemorating 70 anniversary of the victory parade, equipment side force is 27. Including: ground assault, missile defense, naval attacks, strategies to combat, information assurance (including UAV), after loading support module, display of weapons were homemade main battle equipment, 84% is the debut. The parade will have three drones appeared BZK-005 of high range UAV, JWP-02, attack-1 unmanned drone. The following World Wide Web channel interpret them for you to participate in the parade of drones drone equipped.

  , BZK-005 high range UAV

  Name: BZK-005 high range UAV

  Research Unit: AVIC Harbin aircraft industry group and the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics joint design

  Configurations: swept wings

  Engine size: single

  Flight speed: subsonic

  Technical data

  Engine: propeller

  Maximum takeoff weight: 1,250 kg


  BZK-005 unmanned aerial vehicle is a hafei and Beihang University jointly designed a medium-altitude distance drones with stealth system aircraft. Machines carry a large satellite receiving antenna used to receive instructions, and transmission surveillance pictures. However, not to be found in the drone’s video on the presence of airborne radar.

  Structural characteristics

  Fuselage is dominated by skeleton-bearing structure of the thin-walled. Mainly by the frames, Stringer, floors, composed of skins, and cowl. Mechanical skeleton with conventional aluminum riveted fuselage structure, skinning and fairing using glass fiber, carbon fiber, paper honeycomb composite heat molding.

  The machine uses a propeller-type layout. Early aircraft had quite a push, the disadvantage of this type more, pull into the propeller without the block of the engine nacelles, pusher layout efficiency rather than pull-high. In addition the pusher propeller airplane is hard to find engine and propeller position, especially in the more difficult on the fuselage. Instead, pull into the propeller aircraft, the engine is mounted in front of the body or head mounted in wing nacelles are very convenient.

  Second, attack-1 UAV

  Attack-1 UAV, was-a review of China’s air force one aircraft.


  Reconnaissance, information transmission, and the machine set fire strike in one, is the star of the tenth China Zhuhai air show weapons. Previous air show watched “pterosaur” “Rainbow” model, attack-1 drone was first unveiled in the Chinese air force in the air show active notes one drone.

  Structural characteristics

  ”The UAVs used single, high aspect ratio, straight wings and v-tail aerodynamic design, equipped with electro-optical reconnaissance surveillance equipment and weapons, currently has a combat, battlefield area in affordable low-threat environment and lasting reconnaissance, surveillance and attack, damage assessment and other tasks is an important Chinese air force weapons and equipment. “A part of the air force political Commissar Zhang Jie said.

  Attack-1 unmanned aerial vehicles in the Member States of the SCO “peace–2014” joint counter-terrorism military exercise small taste. Military drills, the drone of a Highland to carry reconnaissance and “enemy” command vehicle strikes, firing a missile’s 1.

  Main role

  Attack-1 unmanned aerial vehicle firepower capabilities, can be seen from the mix show with weapons. Attack-1 drones are arrow-shaped line around 10 kinds of mounted weapons. “These weapons include air-to-surface missiles, precision-guided missiles, precision-guided bombs. ” Christmas Whitney CEO financial services rely

  Attack-1 drones in daily training and exercise demonstrated superior firepower capabilities, missile hits a high combat effectiveness evaluation is also very effective. “Can be said to be found that is destroyed. “Traditional UAV drones Cha one of development, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities is its origin. Unmanned aerial vehicle combat in firepower outside over the goal long swims, searching, and the ability to control is all the more important.

  ”This kind of UAV’s flight routes were longer, judging from the appearance, attack-1 drones equipped with electro-optical turret, equipped with optical or infrared sensors and laser pointers, notes one drone standard equipment. “” These devices not only for your own firing anti-tank missile guidance, can also provide targets for other aircraft or ground weapon guide or instructions. ”

  Weapons and equipment of the information age also put forward higher requirements for the quality of officers and men. Zhang Jie, a military expert to introduce, drone pilots are pilots for the air force, handling equipment is similar to manned aircraft.

  Justice one drone is not simple as a plane, involves a wide complex of unmanned aircraft systems. Not only aircraft and command-and-control station, the command module, and so on. “Officers and men of the air force degree generally is relatively high, the ranks of master’s and doctoral degrees there are more than 20 people. ”

  Despite the pilot just sit inside and do combat missions, but for aircraft maintenance personnel, and must not be taken lightly. “Working day and manned aircraft are basically the same. “Before every flight, and when the flight is over, and to check the equipment and basic maintenance, to insure good performance at its best.


  Emerges in Zhuhai after the attack-1 drones will appear more and more in people’s eyes. This review one drone on the future development of China’s air force, is of great significance. “This UAV solves the problem of Justice one unmanned aerial vehicle from scratch, filling the gaps in the air force. Its distance long endurance, low cost, lasting for one such as airspace surveillance and firepower to combat characteristics, in terms of air near the ground support for the Chinese air force in new capacity. ”

  Three, 250 kg JWP-02 medium Universal drone


  JWP-02 replaces the JWP01 drones that have been served for nearly 15 years. JWP01 unmanned aerial vehicles in 1994, stereotypes, 1996 National Science and technology progress award, is China’s first generation of army equipment in 200 kg short-range multi-purpose UAV, mainly used for artillery reconnaissance has been discontinued.

  JWP-02 drones no more information … … Let us look forward to gorgeous debut on September 3.

  Some of the information from the network, unmanned equipment parameters are subject to official data.


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