Bloomberg will lay off 90 people focused on breaking news

  On September 2, the morning news, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that starting from Tuesday, Bloomberg will cut up to 90 editorial staff. The company will focus more on coverage of breaking news, as well as new product development. National development and Reform Commission this

  Bloomberg now has about 2,400 editorial staff in the world, so the layoffs are about Bloomberg employees account for 3.75%. The job cuts will involve multiple departments within the company. Sources say, managing editor of the post in February this year yuehan·mikelaisiweite (John Micklethwait) to handle a large portion of the job cuts.

  Meanwhile, Bloomberg continued to recruit, to create a quick comment and morning briefing team, strengthening the breaking news. Eventually, the company total number of edits will remain unchanged.

  In less than a year ago, Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg, former New York Mayor (Michael Bloomberg) to regain control of the company.

  In 2014, Bloomberg US $ 9 billion in revenue. Bloomberg’s terminals business 85% per cent of total revenues. Such Terminal price of us $ 20,000 per year, Exchange is widely used all over the world. From the terminal business for news departments, including financial news production, the Bloomberg business week, and the production of radio and television programmes.

  Since mikelaisiweite since taking office, Bloomberg has a lot of adjustments for your senior management team.

  Recently, other media companies also laid off workers. In June this year, in the process of reorganization of the Newsroom, the Wall Street Journal to the layoffs of more than 100 people. The reorganization to focus on digital media and the core report. Late last year, the New York Times, laid off about 100 people. Since then, the New York Times also employ a number of illustrators, video producers, as well as other employees focus on digital media.

  Today, owned by Gannett United States last fall to cut 8%, a total of about 70 people. Today the United States is the United States’s largest daily newspaper. And Gannett announced last week, will face the old offer voluntary buyouts to employees separation programme.


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