Suo Nixin UI appearance close to the native Android

  All along, the Sony z-series mobile phone use is Xperia Launcher, eclectic style of icons is quite a character. With the launch of Z3+, as well as a number of models have been upgraded to Android 5.0+, Sony has also added a design specification for Material Design, is constantly changing.

  However, Sony has recently decided to change the style. The latest news from Sonymobile blog, they have recently started a small scale test new UI “Concept for Android”. As its name suggests, the new system’s UI many Android 5.1 native style, consist of only a small number of Sony’s core applications and services. Sony said that in order to improve the speed of equipment on the one hand, on the other hand because they collect feedback from a large number of users decides to do.

   Data what is the Foundation for the development of

Suo Nixin UI appearance close to the native Android

  Sony says only 500 Sweden Xperia Z3 was eligible for testing, Sony would be more in the future, offer more models to test.


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