What is the best Internet banking product safety

  With the gradual implementation of Internet banking, Internet banking-banking products, the platform has been launched. Although each platform as “high income, zero risk, low threshold” advantage, but what is the real professional quality Internet banking products? this is what investors care most about. In contrast, investors must weigh before choosing a product “proceeds” and “safe” two aspects of society rejects and high profit, low-risk financial products on the Internet is the right path.

  In fact, from a safety perspective, with Bank endorsement of the Department of banking products has a natural advantage. It is learnt that, in order to develop new business models, open investment channels, well-known commercial banks already active cooperation relations and Internet financial services platform, launched the Bank claims banking products. Meanwhile, such products also have Internet financial operations of the Bank did not have the simplicity and flexibility. In contrast, investors should seize the banks the opportunity to open up channels, search the Internet and banking products for transboundary cooperation. Offline and online connection obvious Li indexes

  King of money, as the first Internet Bank claims banking platform, with strict risk control system, and China Merchants Bank (600036, bar), Bank of communications (601328 unit), China Minsheng Bank (600016, bar), Huaxia Bank (600015, bar), such as the six well-known domestic commercial banks to cooperate, on the platform to launch bank debt financing products. By way of background, King Tracker Internet financial management under the financial services (Shenzhen) limited, is headquartered in Beijing.

  In fact, the platform most of the creditors of the financial products for businesses and individuals, the robustness of the product based on the business and personal assets under the premise of good standing status. However, it also diminishes the product’s ability to resist risks, once the income of individuals or enterprises can not be controlled, financial product setbacks on the platform. On the credit system in China during the initial build process, this is the Internet itself irresistibly important security issues in the financial sector. In contrast, the King money and compared to similar platforms that some banks do endorsements and Platform two.

  The other hand, although Bank of lower risk products, but due to the threshold issue, buying procedures, management fees and other issues has been criticized. City commercial banks paid announcement, bank charges and actual revenue ratio is about 1:2.5, that is, investment management fees charged by banks accounted for cash proceeds of about 40% to the customer. Mode of financing as an Internet financial a King, claims on banks financing products for “transformation”, given its Internet born “Pratt advantage”. King banking platform to buy Bank claims banking products and buy “balance treasure” and other baby products, being able to quickly purchase, redemption, without providing money management fees and low threshold, with a higher degree of flexibility.

  King of money on the line less than half a year, but recently transaction has exceeded billion mark, more than million registered, digital display on the platform of the market confidence and acceptance of the King of financial products. Do activities such as advertising, gifts of gold, with only the open visibility, in the financial sector, investors took the money to buy the product, is a long-term business that needs to have repeat customers, provide true quality products of enterprises in the field of Internet financial foothold.


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