Beijing Tianjin Hebei roaming fees or cancellation Huang guangyu holding GOME

  ”Industry news”

  1, China raised platforms on the Internet nearly 200

  According to the zero one incomplete statistics of the Institute, as of June 30, 2015, domestic line of raised platforms on the Internet a total of 198 new threat definitions, of which 35 have been closed down or no signs of operations, and another 11 the transition is no longer involved the chip business, which together accounted for 23% of the total platform. 2014 the industry called a raise the first year, when a total of 119 platforms on the line, about 2.8 times times of the total number of 2011-2013. First half of 2015, formally launched the platform there are 35, half of which is equity raised, and another 5 hybrid platform.

  2, Chi 11.268 billion Hong Kong dollars acquisition of the parent company, GOME will be unlisted assets

  The evening of July 26 message by GOME on the Hong Kong Exchange said in a statement, to buy a controlling shareholder, Huang Yi-wei development limited are wholly owned the entire issued share capital, the controlling shareholder of unlisted retail network and supply chain assets into listed companies, traded on for a total of HK $ 11.268 billion.

  Under the deal, GOME GOME management 6.2 billion new shares issued will be 2.5 billion warrants. New shares upon the exercise of warrants, Mr Huang and persons acting in concert with GOME shares from 32.4% to 55.3%.

  3, Jing-Jin-JI cell phone long distance roaming charges or lifted in August

  The early hours of July 27 news, inside information from the three carriers, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei mobile long distance roaming charges or cancelled as of August 1, the three operators to the province of the three companies have been instructed to do programmes and support work, parts operator system has been completed, only to be the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry official context.

  The tariff adjustment mainly to mobile voice services, fixed-line long-distance service and data service charge rates are not adjusted for local use only.

  Internet 4, car “rider x” release km 5.6 seconds

  On July 26, the Ranger electric released its first Internet car in Beijing “the Ranger x”. Performance, “Ranger x” battery life up to 460km, hundred mph in 5.6 seconds. Charging, the Ranger electric supports both home recharge and super fast charging. Fast charge 270km mileage in half an hour to prepare. System, users can use the mobile phone, information devices such as smart watches and cars interact, inquiry information, interaction recorder and other equipment for remote control in the car. Express delivery companies rushed to embrace the

  5, Daimler plans this year in Germany tested unmanned truck

  Germany carmaker Daimler (Daimler) served Director of the company had just • Bernhard Wolf (Wolfgang Bernhard) recently to Germany media claimed that this year the company is planning to begin testing driverless truck service.

  The Sunday Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted Bernhard as saying, “we are very optimistic that, over the next few weeks, we will get the approval from the relevant agencies, so that we in Germany tested unmanned truck on the highway service. ”

  ”Financial news”

  1, enterprise security vulnerabilities detection platform “witkey measured” by Beijing’s heavy investment of 20 million Yuan preA round

  2, the second element of network literature platform fun book to receive 2 million angel investment

  3, “restaurant owner reference” Xiaobo Wu its lion share new media Fund round 20 million yuan of investment Pre-A investment


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