He discovered the Google secret methods of recruitment and became its staff

  At the time of hiring, Google has taken some strange strategy. For example, billboards show a difficult mathematical problems, aims to interest engineers, or confusing puzzles presented during an interview. However, these strategies don’t seem to have any effect. Google’s human resources Director, has said, it turns out, the strategy was a complete waste of time. Therefore, for the time being, Google hiring process is very traditional. However, in addition to the traditional way, Google seems to have not given up on new ways to try. Max Rosett in consulting firm, had stumbled upon Google secret methods of recruitment.

  Max Rosett hustle website about his experience. He is a graduate of Yale University, used to work in consultation with the company, and then to a start-up company. However, he wanted to be a computer engineer. Through online courses at Georgia Tech, he received a master’s degree in computer science, at the same time, he also gradually develop their own computer skills. However, he still has no confidence to apply for full-time engineering position.

  One day, he was doing a project, using Google search a programming language-related information. The result, he found that particular changes in the Google search page. Search page from a split in the Middle, back into the fold, and then a dialog box appears. “You speak our language. Willing to accept the challenge? ” Hollow Super 80 startup financing fraud


He discovered Google secret methods of recruitment, and became a Google employee


  Click on the “I want to play” after he arrived at a page called foobar. This page like a UNIX terminal. In Terminal, enter “view” command, he found a file named start_here.txt. Tell him the file, enter “request” command, he will begin a series of challenges. In the next two weeks, he resolved a total of six questions. Then, he enter their contact information.


He discovered Google secret methods of recruitment, and became a Google employee


  To his surprise is that after more than 10 days, Google recruiters really sent a message, asking him to send a resume. The next process is nothing special. In an interview when he went to Google headquarters on a whiteboard to solve some problems. This visit made him confident for the first time, knows he is not the victim of prank. Because, when he first encountered foo.bar website when he asked many friends, including employees of Google, the result is, everyone thinks this is a good idea, but no one knew the existence of this site.

  Two weeks after the interview, he got the Google position. From special invitation to began working at Google, he spent 3 months time.

  ”Foobar is a great recruiting strategy. Before I begin applying for any job, Google used it to confirm that I, and, in the process, they made me feel valued. Meanwhile, they also respect my privacy, and did not directly ask for my personal information. All in all, I enjoyed the puzzles that they gave me. Being a Googler, I am pleased to begin the first day of work. “Max Rosett conclude their special experience.


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