Teach you how to DIY a pair of Google on the tall Cardboard

Teach you how to DIY a pair of Google on the tall Cardboard

A few days ago at the I/O Conference, Google shows a virtual reality box Cardboard, although it’s insignificant, but upon completion of the fully assembled, Cardboard can take advantage of a user’s Smartphone and built a pair of lenses, for a virtual reality experience.


The tray is now available at DODOcase, priced at $ 19.95. But Google also out Cardboard drawings on the Internet, we also have a DIY spirit to DIY a Cardboard.

DIY Cardboard, you first need to download drawings, drawings of the EPS file is used for laser cutting, we use the PDF file pages print.

After you download the drawings, you can type on the printer, and put it on a cardboard cutting and folding.

Raw materials needed include:

1. convex lenses (double convex lens): 25mm 40mm in diameter, can be found on the Internet;

2. wall: art supplies store to buy or use boxes already on hand. According to Google’s argument, you can call an oversized Pizza takeaway and then do with box Orz~

Cath Kidston

3. magic stick (optional, available rubber band instead) Cath Kidston iPhone 6 plus cover

4. a rubber band (fixed phone)

The 5.NFC tag (optional)

Google official website also referred to the need to prepare a round piece of Cardboard magnets when you knock glasses produced changes in the magnetic field, some phones can detect this change and act accordingly. But Google does not develop the application, so the magnet can temporarily bypass.

Here need to focus on the way a convex lens. If you follow the specifications in a treasure search Google tips, you will find information about:

Teach you how to DIY a pair of Google on the tall Cardboard

Damn! The price might as well buy $19.95 original.

Let us see:

Gauss formula for convex Imaging is the 1/u+1/v=1/f (u for object distance v for which f is the focal length)

Set out depending on the distance of the human eye s with the maximum resolution of Imaging at photopic distance that is v=s

Gauss formula we can see u=FS/(s-f)

Lens magnifications: m =v/u=s (s-f)/FS= (s-f)/f

Tomorrow depending on the distances of 250mm,f=40mm, M= (250-40)/40=5.2 Cath Kidston

For a search and found 5 times or double convex lens 6 times (30mm in diameter), a few dollars can buy. Specific links does not come out, we can search.

Currently we have our own printing drawings (pictured) and orders to buy lenses online, after the arrival of DIY. If the results are good, then we’re going to customize a number of users can scan the QR code below or search in the app “geeks to buy” focus on subsequent progress.

Teach you how to DIY a pair of Google on the tall Cardboard

 NET geek shopping is Lei Feng (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) under a new micro-signals (micro signal: Geeker-go), we can feel the Geek lifestyle and buy new products, provides users with Agency chop hand purchase of detoxification services.


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