BYD Tang child abuse for Toyota Reiz Bragging rights

Ruizhi car at a traffic light when you first start the accelerator, lit a BYD down owners of fighting passions, so the two cars winds up in the street …

BYD’s owner below the video subtitling

(Also may be hype man the)

Full of proud Ah ~

“Video footage from the network”

Watching the video, then problem ~

Traffic lights down the start drag racing is it?

Spring onions, green as a first car, as long as forward vision, ensure security, and within the speed limit, a foot throttle beginning is very normal and the right thing. If everyone started slowly, a light can’t pass a few cars. (Again the premise: to ensure safety, not speeding)

Onion occasionally for a foot on the accelerator down high speed at which this cool a little.

But after watching this video, but also remind friends, in case alongside a BYD down the “fast” truck or sports car modified car, still endure it. People may think you want to chase it ~

Is the punishment?

Whatever the beginning Reitz is intentionally provocative, whether speeding or not, next to the word down is high. Later development could start up the wayward, two owners of street drag racing, speeding, car is punishable.

Tell the truth for the sharp regret that, seen from the video, lights started is not what, but is provoked not endure your wrong.

It is undeniable that BYD down speed is fast enough, after all, characteristics of the motor. However video caption maker YY a “duel” the story is really good?

Road racing is not really a show-off thing ~

Video of who?

If the video is really Internet access made by the owners of the Tang dynasty, then the onion is also admired his “surrender” the courage, the audience feel free to alter the police … … HA HA da ~

There may be deliberately, marketing hype? Onion I don’t know, but most of the comments, the effect is not very good Ah ~

Scallion believes that car itself is correct, open super car racing accident and countless, there is no need to pull its call. But some irresponsible propaganda, always educate consumers “who drove this car who get out” mentality, this would only be a manufacturer attention.

Kids also want to have a good attitude, road safety is most important.

Drag racing to go?

Your next track?

Congratulations to answer ~


Track: is it expensive?

Buy food can go?

The first time to pay attention to anything?

No other way but track yet?

These answers you know?

Please pay attention to tomorrow’s video:

The correct posture of the drag racing

P.S. In fact you have a lot of time bomb

Traffic lights throttle beginning is provocation?

I can not the glass heart?

Agreed forwards Gianluca

Onion app public: car onion rings. In the “auto onion rings” micro public reply, ‘ Turbo ‘, ‘ transmission ‘ and ‘ fuel ‘ keyword, you can view the other cock explosion of knowledge tricks and useful tips.


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