The blink of an eye can take pictures Glasses party benefits

The blink of an eye can take pictures? Glasses party benefits

Imagine, installed a camera in your glasses, you only have to bat an eye to complete the picture, wouldn’t it be cool?

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According to a CNet report, recently, Japan a team developed a very simple, without manual operation camera technology. The technology-oriented people who wear glasses. Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

This is a camera named Blincam, you can install the glasses. It uses sensors to detect the user intend to blink, and the user just a blink of an eye can be photographed.

The most interesting point is that Blincam can accurately distinguish between natural blink and conscious effort to blink. So you won’t have to worry about because the natural blinking and took countless useless photo. These are relying on its sensors and algorithms to achieve the company for this sensor is patented.

The blink of an eye can take pictures? Glasses party benefits

Not only that, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology, the devices will upload all of the photos you have already paired mobile phone.

But there is one thing you need to get used to, and that is when you take pictures of strangers when you need to wink or blink in order to open the camera, this might give you some trouble, or make you look silly. Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

At present, the equipment in Japan raised Makuake embarked on preparatory activities on the Web site. Has now raised 1 million yen (about us $ 9400). The team also plans in September this year to showcase their products at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco, and in November, started on the Kickstarter platform bigger all the preparatory activities.

Blincam the concept of a glass like born in 2013. Users without significant action, you can complete the picture. Of course, it will no doubt bring some questions about privacy, Blincam developers that need to be resolved.

Blincam scheduled for early next year are sold through Amazon and other online retailers, but the final price has not been determined.



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