Microsoft launches new photo Pix using AI with photos

Microsoft launches new photo Pix using AI with photos

Recently, Microsoft developed a iOS iPhone camera camera application “Microsoft Pix”. The application is controlled by software, process is a quick and easy, it can quickly capture users to photograph objects, automatically adjust the settings for optimal effect. case iPhone Vans

case iPhone Vans

Use Pix photos, it can automatically shoot 10 photos: before you press the photo button will simply go shoot 7, press the camera button for 3, end of the filmed image algorithm selected the most beautiful photos from these photos. Pix user photographs will also be processed on their own, before and after photos allow the user to choose.

Microsoft applications to artificial intelligence in the Pix, when users characters photo shoot, Pix using facial-recognition technology to identify a subject, and then face a separate exposure, the background is not changed, which makes it more prominent characters on the screen. Looking back at iPhone camera app is the character and background and exposure. Vans phone case

Microsoft launches new photo Pix using AI with photos

Meanwhile, Pix to use noise-reducing technology and backlighting techniques in computer vision, photo noise reduction, contrast and white balance adjustment, even in some lighting conditions and complex environments with poor lighting conditions to take the picture.

Microsoft’s Pix applies not only to shoot still photos, it integrates Hyperlapse technology, to convert all videos to high speed video delay. Unlike the other cameras on the market, is, Pix can also own photo databases synchronize with Apple native camera application can be seamlessly saved pictures and videos in the Apple camera app.

Current research and development of Pix is not over yet, the company is still in the development of new features, including adding support for Android and slow video. Now iOS users can download this app for free in the iTunes store.


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