Can you believe it This is a made of bamboo and rattan car

Can you believe it? This is a made of bamboo and rattan car

If one day, you have to take one vehicle from the following two:


Alternatively, how do you choose?

Well, love rare or no difficulty for people.

The good news is, at least for now, you don’t have to face the choice, as long as there is enough money, you can buy steel monsters in the first picture – attached to the models? Oh, my dear, as long as there is enough money, what can it not do?

The bad news is that, at least in the eyes of designer Albrecht Birkner, car of the future, not the figure 1, Figure 2. Flawless iPhone 6s plus case

Flawless iPhone 6 plus case


Well, we take a look at this “weed shed” future car what cock:

1, the use of bamboo, technology is close to rattan. Designers say, rattan furniture has been at the service of humanity for hundreds of years, its strength has received verification.

2, of course, bamboo material is mainly used for the shape of the car–you can see that the car’s shape is quite pull the wind, according to the designer’s description, it even stopped by Uncle Wang next door door quietly, it also can make it like with 260 yards of running speed. Flawless iPhone 6 plus case

3, other than the bamboo, this car will still use steel and nylon. However, due to the wide use of natural materials such as bamboo, so the weight of the car is ultra lightweight.

4, Oh yes, the power, the car’s power is it? Well, the designers did not know, he hoped that in the future the development of green technology, can be born a power worthy of such environmentally friendly vehicles.


OK, back to the beginning of the problem, how do you choose?

Architects: Albrecht Birkner,Kenneth Cobonpue



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