Accelerated development of artificial intelligence Google in Europe to set up

Google made no secret of his ambitions for the artificial intelligence technology on Thursday when, the company announced its next steps in Europe – set up a new research group focusing on machine learning, located at Switzerland in Zurich. Emmanuel Mogenet, head of the Institute of Europe in Google said in a blog post, his main research interests are artificial intelligence “three fields”-machine learning, machine perception, as well as natural language understanding and treatment. Givenchy iPhone 6 Case

The team advances the study of machine learning infrastructure, technology becomes practical method, and linguists work closely together to promote “natural language understanding” of further development. Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

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Already Google many products for machine intelligence support, including translation, image search, as well as intelligent reply, and your Inbox. And Zurich, as Google in the United States biggest non-Engineering Office, researchers developed a “knowledge map” (Knowledge Graph) and session engine (for example Allo messaging application) support technology.

However, Google’s business in Europe is not entirely successful, such as his are facing antitrust and tax review. Its DeepMind Department (created the well known AlphaGo artificial intelligence software), or in the United Kingdom in London.

Source: cnbeta


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