Owner killed by Tesla why am I still can t see the front of the car

Today, the CCTV column published online for the rule of law, China’s first automatic driving Tesla death cases. CCTV reported: a 23 year old male with China, driving a Tesla electric car when driving along the Beijing-Macao high-speed Handan road, after the vehicle avoid obstacles, carefree nature of the man hitting the Road sweeping car crash leads to death.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

But after seeing the video, told CCTV that I think it’s not quite the same, Sweeper is so big, how Tesla I can’t see it? That will it blind?

Question 1: how Tesla saw the vehicle in front?

Tesla’s Autopolit system, made up of the following parts:

Israel Mobileye company driver assistance systems based on camera;

Germany Bosch distance in mm-wave radar;

Around 8 Ultrasonic sensors around the car.

According to Tesla’s own account, in Autopolit of versions prior to 7.0, and Tesla to image recognition, radar and ultrasonic as a supplement. In other words, in Autopolit, the camera plays a major role, radar and Ultrasonic sensors play a supporting role.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

Mobileye image detection, recognition in front of vehicle, mainly depends on the vehicle tail lights, size and vehicle model to determine road conditions. Online to find a picture of Mobileye announced test, Tesla Autopilot way, that’s it.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

Based on image recognition technology, extremely vulnerable to the effects of various light, especially when in and out of the tunnel. Tesla owners did test a shadows will cause brakes Autopilot. Believe is partly for this reason, Tesla will push Autopilot 8.0, to radar detection.

Question 2: the sweeper where are the lights?

Departing from Handan municipal traffic police accident responsibility point of view, the primary responsibility for this Tesla owners, sweep the secondary responsibility for truck drivers. From the perspective of existing laws, the accident found no problems.

But what I am saying is that, it is the secondary responsibility, makes this Tesla blind.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

I specifically asked for a high-speed highways staff was informed that the highway clean up operations when vehicles to open the double Flash, opening width lamp, turn on the warning light, rear suspension visible warning signs.

Cut a CCTV video of map, you helped me find this sweeping vehicle opened warning light?

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

In addition to warning arrow lights, and rear van door on the “road clearing” outside the four words, double Flash where? Where is the tail light? Flying where are the warning signs?

Also, inclement weather, low speed Road sweeping vehicles on the highway operations need peer security vehicles. Watch video, sections of the haze is serious, do not know the definition of police, this visibility is not weather.

No tail lights pair of flashing lights, people can see this car, but the Autopilot core image recognition can be blind. So we can see in the video, had his hands from the steering wheel, the owners do not know is looking at mobile phones or had fallen asleep, he wasn’t aware of the dangers ahead, and the Tesla didn’t do any evasive action, just hit up, but also the most deadly 25% offset collision.

Why the primary responsibility is the 23 year old driver?

According to the Chinese law, vehicles must be carried out by qualified drivers in accordance with the provisions of driving. According to the motor vehicle driver’s license application and use regulations, use mobile phones while driving will be 2 points, similarly, the driver’s hands from the steering wheel does not control vehicle will undoubtedly interfere with safe driving is a far more serious violations. Therefore, confirmation of responsibility for traffic is no problem.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

But we, in turn, think about if this sweeping vehicle able to operate in full compliance with regulations work, opened the double Flash, put up warning signs. Just let the Autopilot to see these image elements, this accident probably won’t happen at all, the 23-year old young life will not go away. Fire CX 4 space noise People who really buy what

Also, I have a little question, when CCTV coverage of the accident, and why stare at Tesla’s wheel, but did not mention the sweeper is in violation of the road?

Question 3: Tesla, what’s the problem?

At first I think Tesla is not a problem, so many cars were killed every day, why not look at the VW Audi? CCTV said, like the steering wheel was not dead.

But when I turned over the email PR version from litesila, I have a very deep feeling: publicity when buying a car wheel, repeatedly stressed is when driving in an accident, who said that Tesla has grounded air in China? The Taiji had a slip.

Owner killed by Tesla, why am I still can't see the front of the car?

I don’t know Tesla for Mobileye driving based on image recognition technology is more confident. Mobileye said the system was just driving when Tesla launched the concept of the Autopilot, and Chinese name is “automatic”. Then, with automatic driving accidents occur, Tesla is renaming the Autopilot, called “automatic driving”

Technology of innocence, Tesla left this automated driving course is the brightest future vehicle development.

But Tesla’s time without bragging? With Tesla’s ability, not bragging was a good comrade. Don’t give users their own driving nature, people do not buy your car?

There is nothing flashy car, you drive the Tesla, how their every day when the mouse, lives aren’t worth it?


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